Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is blood thicker than water?

What is this referring too and is it accurate? Many may be thinking, duh blood is thicker, just like syrup is thicker than orange juice (only thing coming to mind…don’t judge). But for this I am looking at it from the perspective of relationships and bonds we form with others. When it comes to this analogy of bonding, some believe it applies that the bond with family is stronger than those outside, such as friends. Others feel it refers to the bond one has with both family and friends; then there are those who consider this statement relates to anyone they are close too, and does not need to include family.

In my personal opinion I feel the latter. To me, those who are there for me no matter what, accept me for me and there for me through all my ups and downs determine who I consider to be in my blood group. Personally most of the people in my blood group are a select core group of friend(s), my sister, and maybe a second family member. The remaining majority of my family is water and I can do without them in my life. As cold as this may sound, we all have certain people we feel this way about, mine just happens to include some family. Now I like to take this a step further and have a group of friends/acquaintances that I am close to, not blood theory type, but also not in my water group. I’ll call them my blood thinner group, they are the ones I socialize with see every now and again while enjoying their company, but do not share any intimate or personal life information with them like I do my blood group.

Our relationships are like circles and those closest to us usually try to protect us, so just as you would pour a circle of blood then water outside, the blood would prevent most if not all of the water from penetrating. That is why it is so important who we choose to trust and allow into our inner circle [blood group].

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Joey McIntosh

"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives" — Euripides

Your my Best Friend by Queen: 

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