Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am so relieved that the semester has finally came to an end. Now that I am going to be transferring after next semester I am getting a little nervous. I thought I had everything figured out and where I want to go, but this weekend has really messed with my thoughts.

This past weekend I helped run a water polo camp right out of the Fullerton college pool. It is always a great experience for me to work with big time coaches and Olympians. I have actually emailed some of these coaches trying to get recruited to their schools and play for them and by coaching with them or along side of them this weekend it really got me noticed. Some of the coaches that were there were; Todd from ASU, Matt from Michigan, Alex from Pomona Pitzer, and a few others. The thing that has got me thinking now, is that I emailed Alex at the end of my water polo season so around the beginning of November, but he never got back to me... On December 15th I finally receive an email from Alex saying that he is interested and asking me to send all my information. Transcripts and the big shebang... On Friday I sat down and talked to him about everything I want to accomplish and do and I know that their team is much more competitive, which I want! Now I believe I am back to square one and I have no idea where I will be going again... Now time to apply and see how much money I could get out of Pomona.

I hope everyone did well on their finals. I know I messed up on one or two but that is life. Take it easy and have a great break from school. When we return in January hopefully I will have a finalized decision as to where I will be going to school next year...

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Wow, one month left till the year of 2011. Well.. actually less than a month. Can you believe it? I never can. It seems like time is flying. The end of years always makes me think of what I have achieved during the year, what I want to achieve next year and something like that. This time mostly brings me a big disappointment and lots of plans for the next year, thinking that I won’t make the same mistakes. Well, but I keep making’em and regretting what I should not have done or what I should have done. This is ridiculous. I don’t know why people keep doing such things. If they can achieve what they want like they always expect, then the life would be so much easier.

Christmas time is coming up. It’s right around the corner! As I said few times before, I will go to Texas for a religious conference that is for international students. I can’t wait. But till that time, I will be so free at home doing nothing but watching TV or movies with no certain plans. Very sad. I deserve to have fun to love more being here in America. But everything takes a lot of money so I get frustrated whenever I feel like I want to do something fun or new. Writing blogs here has made me feel happy so I am very glad that I decided to do it.

Are you guys done with finals yet? For me I have one more to go, and then I will be done with this semester! Last week was fairly busy for me to study for finals and get all the homework done. I bet you were in the same situation. This week is actually going not as crazy as last week. So it’s a good thing (: I have been taking my time since yesterday because my last final will be on Thursday. I will start studying probably tonight or tomorrow. Yes as you can pretty much assume, I am still procrastinating. I hate it but I do all the time. Hmm. I haven’t read books in months. My nickname used to be a bookworm, believe or not. But now I am too obsessed with Korean TV dramas and talk shows so I don’t even go to bed till like 2 a.m. watching them. I should be more disciplined for my study and remind myself of why I am here. Otherwise, my parents would be so disappointed in me for sure. So I got my new plans for the next year – reading lots of books, cutting back watching Korean stuff, losing weight and being healthy.

I am so excited for what will happen next year in my life. The year of 2011 sounds still far but it’s near. So don’t forget making plans for your Christmas time and next year. Hope you did a great job on your finals!

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

Sunday, December 12, 2010

System error

Hmmm. I'm stressed. School needs to be over already. I need to catch my breath.

I have a final tomorrow at 9, which means I must get to school by seven, which means I must leave by six, which means I gotta wake up at 5:30. Which means I gotta do all this after an eight hour shift at work. I feel E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D

I need something to deliver me from all this. And to save me. But I can't just be needing. And I can't just be waiting. And things don't just happen over night.

I think--I think---my...brain----is--free...zing.

What does it all mean anyhow. Taking tests on paper, for what.....or working to get paid in paper currency. What does paper mean? Or sitting at work. Or rushing at work. And never being.

And if my life isn't work. And if my life isn't school.

What's this I'm feeling now?

Stay Tuned


This past week I have been so stressed out with work and finals and everything else going on in life that I have not had time to have fun or enjoy myself. I have been venting about this all week to my friend, well more like all semester to her, telling her that I need to get out and do something. Because my final is not until Tuesday I decided to go out last night, even though I had only had 20 minutes of sleep the night before.

Going to the party last night was so much fun! I am a very social person so it was not hard for me to meet new people. I was talking to people instantly. It was such a great night. I met a lot of great guys that I am going to be good friends with in the future. I could just tell. hahaha Also, one of the most exciting things I did last night was danced. I know it sounds kind of lame but the cool part about it was that I learned how to dance salsa a little again and a bunch of other different dances. Three different guys were teaching me all kinds of different dances. It was so much fun just letting loose and having a great time and I owe it to my best friend for taking me out with her to her friends party. Another cool thing about last night was that it was not just a normal party. It was a theme party. The theme was "ugly Christmas sweater." Not everyone wore a sweater, but us that did, it was nice to see.

Well, Until my fingers meet the keys,

Finals are ANNOYING!!!

I cannot wait for finals to be over! They cause unnecessary stress to everyone for no reason. Not only do they stress us out because we are worried about what grade we will receive in the class at the end of the semester, but also they stress the professors out because they have to get them graded and entered into the computer system before the deadline. Therefore, since the finals cause so much stress on everyone, I think that we should just get rid of them all together! That would definitely be a day to remember.

So, far these finals have been tough! I had three just this week already. My last one is not until Tuesday night but I know it is going to be extremely difficult just like my other ones. I am taking an online liberal arts class, which is a math class for those who are unfamiliar, and the last three chapters were massively hard. On Friday night I pulled an all-niter with one of my classmates. We were up trying to study and get ready for whatever might be on the exam. I think I ended up getting around 20 minutes of sleep the entire night before the exam. The worst part about pulling the all-niter is that I will not know what my final grade is until Wednesday of this week, and that is, if I am lucky.

I know finals are annoying and they are killers but I understand that they are here to test us and our ability to comprehend and use whatever was taught to us. I just wish that they were distributed in a different way to take a little bit of the pressure off. I do not think stating that the final is worth 40% of your final grade relieves any of the stress from finals or furthermore the final that is about to be taken.

I wish everyone the best on all the finals this coming week.
Until my fingers meet the keys,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Under major stress

Even though I now spend most of my time trying to catch my breath, going from school to work to home, I feel a positive energy building on and up. And that is because the dream act was approved in the house of reps yesterday, that was a huge step. The fight is still on however, because it still needs to be approved in the senate. The senate was supposed to vote on it today but it got delayed again. At first I didn't know what was happening and I felt really scared and anxious. But then I realized all it meant was that the vote will be taken next week. Which means we have more time to convice senators to vote yes on it.

And OMG! It will pass, I have faith it will, because it will mean that this doesn't have to be the end of everything, and that in fact, everything I have ever believed in and forever will believe will become true. It's no longer going to be a dream. I will fulfill my purpose. I will carry on and achieve many things in my life. And that is true.

Then again, all of this is stressing the f#%% out of me. And I mean that not in an offensive way. But in a very sincere way.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


It’s been cold outside so we’ve turned on the heater at home to warm it up. Because the inside was much warmer than outside, mice came into my house a couple days ago. I never saw them but one of my housemates told me that he saw one around kitchen a few times. So my host mom bought two traps to get them caught. She put them around our kitchen by putting some peanut butter in them. I’ve seen lots of mice on the street on the way to school since I usually walk to school. I’ve been startled a lot of times by the dead and big black mice. And I’ve always hated mice since i was little so I was getting worried. We put the traps last night and haven’t heard any good news yet. Hope they get caught as soon as possible, and their other friends get scared and never come into our house. Oh my gosh, you know what…..? I just saw one of them moving right in front of me while I was writing this. Eeeewwww!!!!!-_-

This semester’s been going pretty great so far. I did well on tests, quizzes and mid terms. Well, I think! :) Finals and the end of this semester are coming up. After the semester, I will probably take a driver’s test even though I am not planning to buy a car in the near future. I heard that when I try to buy a car later, I could pay less for the insurance because I will already have the driver’s license then. Hmm I had one in Korea, but I didn’t drive often and the car wasn’t mine so it will be totally different this time! So exciting to have a license here in California. Seems so cool :) when people ask me for my id afterwards, I won’t have to show them my yucky passport anymore!

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

Friday, December 3, 2010


I woke up this morning and my head is killing me. I do not know why. I think it is because I have so much to do and so little time. The worst part about having so much to do is that I will not even get the chance to do most of them until next week. I was going to get them done today but that did not happen in the slightest. I am stuck watching babies again. Yesterday I had the 1 and a half year old and the 1 and half week old all day. My parents had running around to do, and when I say running around, I mean they had so much stuff they had to get done.

My nephew was so bad yesterday that I could not get anything done. I have 3 concert reports for my history of rock class by Tuesday and I have not even got the chance to start. On Wednesday I have some extra credit reports due. Yes that is right 5 extra credit reports. I have a B in the class but if I do the extra credit I will definitely have an A. Also, on Wednesday I have two finals. This is going to be crazy! Thursday I have my water polo banquet and I have to get coaches gifts and take care of so many things before then. There is just so much to do and so little time. I had every intention of waking up this morning and getting right to work. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen today. I am stuck baby sitting again. This time I have all three kids. The same two from yesterday and now their three year old sister as well. I am surprised they are giving me an opportunity to stop and write this blog. Oops I spoke too soon. Got to go. And the headache will persist...

Until my fingers meet the keys,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where have you been?

Today, started out horribly wrong, but gladly, it ended well.

I had mentioned there was no water at home, so in the morning I had to wake up and go shower at my cousin's house. But that wasn't the bad thing, when I left, I locked myself out of my room. I forgot my key inside. And when I got back from showering, I couldn't get in. And I had to go to school!!!!

It took me about half an hour to figure out a way to break in. I won't say how. But it wasn't easy.

I made it to class just as class began, and I felt really out of breath.

My teacher in my first class gave me a hard time just because I asked if he had a stapler to staple my paper which I was gonna turn in, and this is what he said: "Stapler? They're 39 cents, why don't you go buy one" and he said it in a very narcissistic and condescending voice and I thought "What a freakin douchebag"

But anyhow, my creative writing class was awesome, amanda is an awesome instructor.

Work was smooth, just all the rushing I do, but when I get there I'm able to relax a bit for most of the time. Although it was busier today. Like I sold two phones and I was about to sell my third one when I realized I actually didn't have that phone. Bummer.

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Across this kiosk

I can't afford to nap anymore, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. There is no time in between. Rush. Rush. That's all I have become these past days.

My new job isn't really much demanding. As a matter of fact, it's very chill. But just all the traveling I do from school to the mall to home and so on and so forth. It is draining me and killing me and corroding my mind. I can feel it too.

I feel very stressed out. I can't catch my breath. And to top it off, we forgot to pay the electricty bill at home, so we have no water, no gas, and no power. Bummer. I need to shower and relax.

Angel. What have you done? All the money in the world isn't worth your time, your worrying, your turmoils and debacles. You should free yourself. Breakaway.

But I understand. I know. I must save up for that new computer I've been wanting. And for other things. And all that means is I must be a slave for a little longer. A little longer. I hope not to die before I can enjoy the fruits of my sacrifices.