Friday, September 30, 2011

A special sneak peek

Happy Friday everyone!

This week turned out to be a little hectic but amazing. I did some major studying for my math exam coming up in just a few hours. But the highlight of my week was getting assigned the story about FCs A.S. CareBank. The CareBank is to help assist students in need. I'm currently working with A.S. vice president Joey McIntosh, who is the coordinator for the CareBank, to develop the story. Consider this the special sneak peek to the upcoming article!

I hope you read the story which will be posted on the FC Hornet website on Tuesday. And possibly donate some resources for our fellow students in need.

I had no idea Fullerton offered the students aid. I think it's the coolest! For me being a reporter with the Hornet is extremely rewarding because I'm able to bring awareness to great things like the CareBank.

I will post the link to the article when it's published.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday night! I'm off to study a bit more before the test at 8pm.

Enjoy the weekend!

Stay classy FC!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And it's only Tuesday...

So I gotta make this quick, I'm using company time to write it. To start, just a quick recap of the weekend...

My weekend was busy crazy! Friday night I joined a friend for a drink to celebrate her new internships. Then I went to review the movie 'Killer Elite' - check out the review:

Wow, that's a gnarly link!

On Saturday I spent the day with my mom at the Brea Jazz Festival. I covered the last day for the paper and wrote my review. Although I had fun, it seemed pointless to cover the last day. I mean if someone reads the review and decides they'd like to go - they can't! I chuckle inside every time I think about it.

Sunday I had lunch with a friend, went grocery shopping and took my math quiz online. Pretty mellow day altogether.

As for this week, so far its started out good; then turned slightly bad but it's picking back up. It's been interesting considering it's only Tuesday.

In comparison to last week when I whined and complained about not having a good balance. I decided to turn it all around, otherwise known as just shut up and get it done! And I surprisingly had an excellent productive weekend. Which spilled over into Monday where I completed my math homework for the week, making room to study for my exam on Friday. I nearly finished all my tasks at home as well, (bye bye chores). Yay me!

The only bad news is my company had a broad meeting over the weekend where the dreaded budget talk took place. And to be honest it's not looking good my friends. This time next year I may be out of a job. It all hangs on how well our 2012 Vancouver Meeting brings in them dolla dolla bills. We're assuming the worst since the meeting is out of the country. Apparently in the past they never do well profit wise. But my fingers are crossed and my ears are open for new work prospects. In the meantime I'm just going to keep working and stay positive.

Can I just say how much I hate the economy. It's hard to hear what people are going through and to see a lot of my friends out work. So far I've been able to hang on during this tough time. I started budgeting all my money and learned to shop smart. But my fingers are slowly losing their grip. I have to admit I'm a little scared.

How has this horrendous economy effected your life?

Stay classy FC,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Good Balance

Happy Friday everyone!!

So would you believe that I actually forgot why I began writing this in the first place? I was so focused on trying to focus my thoughts that I lost it.
Well dear friends this is what I call my "school brain". During the semester I become an overly-selfish-tunnel-visioned-monster that, quite frankly, people have been known to avoid me until the semester ends. I think my issue is finding a good balance between school and my life. The "school brain" I believe is a product of my bad time management skills.

It's a tough challenge to find a good balance between work, school and play. I often find myself procrastinating on certain things because I'm exhausted trying to find a balance. Every week is different for me as my husband, Matt, night schedule changes so often. So he may work this Friday (and he does) but might not the following Friday. I rarely get to see him so when he's off I spend my time with him. But when I do my school work suffers because as we all know to succeed in school you NEED a routine schedule.

It's exhausting taking care of our house and still finding time to do homework before he has a night off. I'm pretty much responsible for the welfare of our home. Don't get me wrong he does help, especially when he sees I'm struggling to keep up. But for the most part yours truly does the work. Except picking up after the dogs. YUCK! I'm sorry but that's a man's job. If women are supposed to be in charge of baby diapers, then men can pick up after MAN's best friend.

Another wrench is when I need to cover an event for the Hornet. That can set me back and mess up my schedule completely. (But I love reporting so I don't mind too much.)

I realize my life kind of revolves around Matt's schedule but I love him and it's important for married couples to spend time together. Otherwise the possibility of growing apart becomes a higher risk. Oh marriage! Now that's a whole other Oprah... maybe I'll tell you about it next week if I'm up for it.

So to get to the point, if anyone has advice for a well rounded balanced schedule - I'm all ears. Feel free to call me Dumbo.

Also I'm interested in knowing what the biggest challenge is for you. So what is it? I triple dog dare you to share it.

Stay classy FC,
Janet aka Dumbo

Monday, September 12, 2011

One Nation

Yesterday as we all know marked the 10th anniversary for 9/11. I hung my American flag on my porch with pride (posted a pic on FB cause I'm a social media nerd) and lit a candle in remembrance, which burned until midnight. I cried every time they sang the national anthem at the sporting events on TV. I'm nearly on the verge of tears writing this blog... Needless to say it was not an easy day for me. For any of us for that matter.

It is burned into our memories where we were and what we were doing that moment in time. Sometimes I wish I could forget it but to forget would mean to deny one of the most tragic events in our history. Therefore I will remember and never forget. I was 16 junior year in high school, I remember everything.

Last night my friend and his kids came over and they asked if I knew why yesterday was so special. I then asked if they knew why. Then it dawned on me, these two little girls weren't even born when it happened. How crazy is it to think that a new generation has been born without the scar of 9/11. And then that brought me to tears.

I watched some of the special segments the news channels aired and this guy from New York said in an interview, "I remember it like it were yesterday every time someone mentions anything about that day."

I wonder if that's how the past generations felt about Pearl Harbor. I'm sure if I were to ask the answer would be yes.

I'm almost certain most of us feel that way about 9/11. Regardless of the thousands of miles between me and the towers, it hit home and it struck deep to the core. I personally have a difficult time dealing with emotions. I don't like to cry or show how vulnerable I can be. It's why I'm so sarcastic all the time. Sometimes I feel like Spock, I try to remain logical no matter what. Although deep down emotions are stirring, there's no doubt about that! So yesterday I broke all my rules and let the emotions loose. I became Kirk and it felt kinda nice.

It's ok if you didn't follow me on that reference, Star Trek isn't for everyone...

I realize this may sound naive but I truly don't understand hatred and the killing of people. I suppose there is a part of me that has reminded the young innocent child who doesn't fully understand the dark ways of this world. Maybe it's because of the country I was raised in or simply the nature of my heart. But it is beyond me how a person could plan such an attack. Just the mental state one would have to be in, and no pun intended, is insane!

And I'm not just speaking in terms of 9/11 but all the senseless things that happen around the world. There are times I can't watch the news, (being a journalism major that's kind of my job) but all that hatred kills the soul. It's like the death eaters in Harry Potter, you're left empty and without purpose.

Bleh! Just sickens me to the core. Ok I'm gonna get off my soapbox and end this by saying I'm proud to be part of this strong nation. All negative elements this country may have set aside, we pull together and support each other when we are called. To me that's comforting, to know I'm not alone even when it feels like I am.

"Thing to remember is if we're all alone, then we're all together in that too."

I love that quote! Not completely sure if this is how I want to end this blog but what the heck... why not.

Stay classy FC,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello again FC! I've missed you.

It’s been almost a month since school started and I’m still not quite back in the rhythm of tests and deadlines. My brain is still on summer break and lying out by the pool… well ok I don’t have a pool but I was definitely there every day in my mind.

Hey you freshmen, welcome! How’s your first month in college so far? I hear it was a nightmare to register for classes. That’s an experience in its own! I hope it didn't scare you away completely.

For me once again it’s the dreaded math course looming over head. Then there’s my first love, reporting for The Hornet. And of course blogging, yeah! Oh before I forget, my lovely desk job which makes it possible for me to be here at Fullerton. Three cheers for the desk job! If it weren’t for you… well frankly I would be at the beach soaking up the hot sun. But that’s beside the point.

Actually I’m happy to be back and one step closer to graduation. Although I’m taking a mere two classes this time around; I still have my hands full with projects and taking care of my household.

This summer brought on a few challenges but also some wonderful surprises. My husband and I have a new addition to the family, our puppy Harlee. She’s six months now and FULL of energy! If I would have known what I know now about Boxers I would have opted for a gold fish. Anyone own a Boxer? Yeah you know what I’m talking about then. I swear that dog will eat, chew and pee on anything! I have a strange feeling my blogging this semester will resemble that of the columns which the guy wrote in the movie Marley and Me… yeah strictly puppy talk comin’ right atcha.

If you haven’t seen the movie, rent it and then you will know what it’s like to own a Boxer. Although the dog Marley wasn’t a Boxer, it sure as hell acts like one.

But don’t get me wrong Harlee is the cutest, sweetest, dumbest dog and only a mom could love her. Too bad I’m not her mom. Just teasing I love her and she’s a great addition to the family.

So any advice/stories the Boxer owners may have to offer is welcomed, don't be shy, please.

And now the awww moment… a picture of the demon herself with my other dog Summer.

Stay classy FC,