Sunday, October 28, 2012

Don't Give Up...You're Not Alone

There are things in our lives that sometimes happen for a reason, yet sometimes we do not recognize that reason right away. Situations may occur that cause one to resign or unable to transfer one semester and this may anger them; even though in a day, week, month or even years later they may realize how not taking that road brought so much more success and/or happiness.

I know for me lately that has been the case. Incident after incident, both with family and academics was crashing down all around me. There seemed to be no hope. I have been in some very low points in my life; some I know will understand the depth of what I mean others not so much. So with everything crumbling around me, I was ready to give up on everything; leadership positions held, work, school, everything.
Then while talking with someone, they pointed out things about me that I take for granted and offered suggestions on how to channel the depressive energy into an area where I could still make an impact and allow me to feel good about it. I followed up on the suggestion and am grateful I did because giving up would’ve been the easy way, now I am helping a department that has been in need of assistance and my self-esteem has increased a hundred fold.

So although one door closed and it was one of the only doors I was familiar with and found a sense of self-worth, I am now entering a new door and path that will broaden my experiences and knowledge base. Things will always happen in life; sometimes it may take a while to figure out why and what one will need to do next. Just know there are people in your life, friends, family, co-workers, instructors, counselors, and so many others who want to help you and don’t be afraid to reach out to them. That is my biggest challenge and mistake, not reaching out to others when I’m in need or something is bothering me. Here are some lyrics from a song a friend gave me when I was at one of my lowest points…Saosin - You're Not Alone

Band: Saosin Song Title: You're Not Alone

He says he's got nothing left to live for
(He says he's got nothing left...)
And this time I think you'll know..

You're not alone
There is more to this, I know
You can make it out
You will live to tell

She's just like him
Spoiled rotten
Confused by the lies she's been fed
And she's searching for no one..
(But herself)
Her eyes turn to green and she seems to be happy
That she is here
And this time I think you'll know...

You're not alone
There is more to this, I know
You can make it out
You will live to tell

Until Next Time!

Joey McIntosh

Friday, October 26, 2012

Well Friday is finally here and so is Halloween! A lot of fun events are happening this weekend and next week. Tomorrow in the FC Sculpture Garden on the corner of Lemon St. and Chapman Ave. (next to the Wilshire Auditorium) the FC Foundation will be hosting its annual Oktoberfest event. There will be fun events, food, prizes and much more for adults and children alike! So be sure to stop by with the family and see all the fun things they’ll have for all ages!

Now next week the Associated Students and Inter-Club Council will be hosting a Halloween costume contest on Tuesday, October 30 with prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners. Sign-ups will begin at 10am on the quad with the event from 11:50-12pm. And then on Halloween day is our Homecoming celebration from 10am-1pm that will be a Wild Wild West theme. There will be a DJ, food and professional casino games that students can stop by and enjoy.

Something new I will be working on this year is assisting with the preparations and spreading the word about the upcoming Fullerton College Centennial Celebration! In April 2013, Fullerton College will display its Centennial History Exhibition at the Fullerton Museum Center; which will be the start of an array of events. Right now we need your story…whether you’re a current or former student, faculty, classified staff let us know about you, why you came to Orange County and Fullerton College and the positive or negative things about your time. We’re looking for real stories from real students. You can even give advice for the future generation that will follow behind.

To tell your story, visit the following link, and feel free to add a photo to make it more personable.

Until Next Time!

Joey McIntosh

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

For the mothers that thirst for nothing...

  College is the time in our life's to make stupid, crazy and wild choices without regrets. However, Tina never had that option. She was an innocent daddy’s girl dreaming of the day she would fall in love. At 16 years old, Tina didn't have a clue about her future. Unfortunately, discover who she is ended the moment she fell for the high school bad boy. Tina was blinded by her first love and found herself expecting her first son at 18. While Tina was getting ready for motherhood, her boyfriend was dealing with 12 felonies. The felonies ranged from beating up a pregnant woman to robbing a grocery store. Her life was defined by turmoil.

            Throughout her struggle, Tina found a way to be a great mother and student. She entered Fullerton Community College with the goal of being a special educations teacher.  Nonetheless, every day was struggle for her.  Tina drove her sons to daycare, took night classes and never missed little league practices. I was astonished the dedication she had to being a proactive mother.  For example, Tina joined her son’s school’s PTA, went to every parent teacher meeting and prepared snacks for their little league team. Tina always set her school schedule around her children’s needs; turning a two year community college process to a four year process.

Yet, she faced another heart wrenching setback. Her youngest son had been diagnosed with a sever type of asthma. As a result, ever fall her son inability to breathe forces dozens of emergency room visits. Yet, Tina never complained! She always talked about the blessing she has in her life. I couldn't understand why Tina wasn't angry at the world. I couldn't blame her, I would be! Finally, I just asked her why she is so happy. Tina told me:
“There is nothing more precious in this world than my children. When I grow old, the scars from the battles I face at school, work and home don’t matter! All that matters is that I am there for them when their hurt, sad or missing their father. They look to me to give them strength to survive being part of the working poor. We don’t have much but we have each other and that’s more than what most people have”.

Tina taught me the power of love. The love she has for her children motivated her fight the odds. Statically, she shouldn't have been able to transfer this fall. Yet, she rose to the occasion. Fullerton College gave the support she needed from peer, teachers and co-workers to survive being a single mother. More importantly, Tina can teach everyone that happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

P.S: Her name was changed to protect her identity. Please don't be scared to tell me your story! 

How I got Dumped, Hired and Changed in a Day

My name is Nora Matti and i'm tired of being invisible. I just graduated from Fullerton Union High School where I was involved in Speech and Debate, the Honors program, water polo and etc. However, I never stood out. I was that kid in high school that was "there" but no one remembers at reunions.   Nonetheless, I graduated Fullerton High School with a 4.2 GPA and packed my bags for BU.  Unfortunately, BU only turned out to be a fantasy.
I couldn't afford BU’s tuition and was shoved into the community college system. I had successfully moved 400 yards from the place I had been invisible for the past four years. You could imagine my excitement! I swore I would stop being invisible and started being seen. This summer, I upgraded my personality, clothes and confidence from a nerd high school student to the girl everyone wanted to talk too.
         Today, that nerdy high school girl came out. My current relationship ended with one of the most famous romance comedy movie lines, "it’s not you it’s me". Although I didn't realize it then, he was the first guy I really cared about in years. The end of our relationship marked the beginning of facing my feelings. That high school nerd always dated people she didn't care about because she didn’t want to get hurt. I've come to realize that living a life without love isn't really living at all. I wasn't in love with that guy but my emotional walk from our break up conversation taught me to never become that high school nerd again.  
          Weeks earlier, my political science professor recommended that I represent the school through blogging. I hadn’t given it much thought because I was happy working on my former relationship. However, the moment it ended, I could help myself but thinking about the blogging position. I took the chance to turn my bad day into a great day. I want to use my blog to tell the stories of Fullerton College’s bravest students.
          I walked on to Fullerton College’s campus with an attitude of superiority and pride. I thought Fullerton College was home to the community’s "losers". I came to realizes that I was the true community "loser". Fullerton College is more than a place you can get a cheap education, it’s were people struggle to overcome all odds to get an education. The Fullerton College students come from all walks of life. I’ve met single mothers, veterans, recovering addicts and etc. I hunger to use my blog to show the false misconception that Fullerton College is home to losers.
Please feel free to contact me and tell me your story.
Nora Matti 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A College Degree...Yes or No?

Is a College Degree Worth the Cost? You be the judge...

No degree guarantees that a college graduate will earn more over a lifetime than a high school student. Although many sources try to say otherwise; data from one source in 2008 stated an individual with a bachelor’s degree would earn about $1.9 million more than someone with just a high school diploma over their lifetime. Although another source claims there are many jobs where high school graduates will earn more than a college graduate. Most college graduates will need a starting salary of $40,000 or better to overcome lifetime earnings of high school graduates. How can it be that someone with a $40,000 starting salary can’t out-earn the average high school graduate? The reason is many college students don’t work while attending college. Those who work right out of high school have been working for years earning money and experience, giving them a head start.

With the average annual tuition of $25,000, a student paying their own way is facing $100,000+ in student loans by the end of their educational journey. That translates into the average college graduate having to pay $800 to $1,000 plus per month in loan fees. It’s no surprise that student loans have now surpassed credit card debt and it at over $1 trillion! And let’s not forget that as of July 1, 2012 the previous six month grace period offered to students before needing to payback their loans has been eliminated.

There a guarantee that having a college degree will secure a graduate a job, whether it is their dream job or any job for that matter? When taking into consideration all of the costs involved and uncertainties, inflation of tuition over the past two decades (3%-4%). How it costs most middle class families to send two or more children to college than what they paid or owe on their house and the debt incurred. As well as the days of lifetime employment and pension security, that used to be a driving force with older generations, who can blame people for asking if having a college degree is necessary or worth the investment?

So who should we really believe? After doing a bit of research I've found there is no right or wrong answer. Obtaining a degree and going into debt should not be something a person does because that’s what society or parents says they need to do, it should be done because a person wants it to pursue a career or path that will require a degree. So the answer lies within each of us, a decision that should be made to ensure, one we are happy, and two so time and money is not wasted on something one does not find useful. Don’t get a degree just because, make sure there is a purpose and true driving force behind you wanting to obtain a degree, and how advanced of a degree you want to pursue.

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain

Thursday, October 18, 2012

We cant only live for ourselves.

Isolation-- defined as the state of being alone. Isolation rarely correlates with your relationship with your family. However, Linda felt the isolation from the hearts of her parents. She was facing the isolation most children of immigrant parents go through when balancing their two cultures. Her cultures included her parent's Cambodia roots and the American culture. Her parents were escaping the Cambodia communist leader, Khmer Rouge, pledge to return the country to a Communist Peasant farm society. He would kill anyone that he believed to be to "west". As a result, the country's most educated men and women fled to the United States. Linda's parents felt that holding on to their culture was the best way to hold on to their family's heritage. They lost everything: their home, their loved ones and the most important part of their culture- respect. Her parents entered a society that doesn't respect the working class. Linda speculated that her parent constantly humiliation about working as janitors furthered their desire to instill traditional values in their children.
Nevertheless, Linda faced a constant coalition of cultures.  The boiling point happened when she started dating someone at end of her senior year. Her parents felt that it was inappropriate for a Cambodia girl to date an American boy. The verbal abuse was unleashed! She was ridiculed by her parents, cousin and extended family about her lack of Cambodia pride. Her parents couldn't deal with the possibility of non-Cambodia guy marring their daughter; especially, when he would never be able to understand their traditions. In retaliation, her parents never sent in her college applications. They believed that sending their daughter would further loosen their grasp on her.
Linda was forced into the community college system. Unfortunately, her parents never gave her the money to go to school, a ride or their emotional support. Linda spent the summer before freshman year working 50 hours a week. Finally, by the end of the summer she saved enough money to pay for a beat up Toyota and tuition.  The moment her parents realized that they couldn't stop her from going to school they demanded she pay rent. They charged an 18 year old girl working a minimal wage job $750 plus food. Linda didn’t give up! She found a way around every challenge they through at her. Although it took Linda three years to transfer, she is only a semester away from entering Cal State Long Beach’s Nursing program. She taught me the love my parents had for me. They always found a way to make my dreams come true at the expense of their own. Those types of parents are rare to come by. I never understood why everyone said I was lucky to have my parents till I meet Linda. Furthermore, the challenges Linda faced made her the person she is today. She learned that her love of education can overcome anything.  

Have you Registered???

Mid-terms are officially here, if they haven’t already took place for you. I have one tonight at 8:30pm and another tomorrow night at 5:30pm. Tonight’s exam I’m feeling pretty comfortable about, but tomorrow’s mid-term not so much.  Most students and classmates I talk to say once mid-terms happen the downward spiral of chaos begins, with the semester racing by. Personally I’m hoping that’s not the case for me because even though I would like the semester to be over, I surely don’t want it to be chaotic. On a better note, we do have some holidays coming up…Monday, November 12 is Veterans day, so no school and let’s not forget the amazing two (or three if you have a nice professor) days off for thanksgiving weekend!

If you haven’t registered to vote yet for the upcoming November election I would encourage everyone to do so. It’s really quick and easy with the new online registration that has been put in place; here is the link to register THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS THIS MONDAY, OCTOBER 22ND!

There are a lot of proposition’s, I think 9 or 10, and other items on this years election ballot, like the President of the United States…that’s a really big one. So take a few minutes to register, every vote does count, just look at the George W. Bush and Al Gore Presidential election. And be sure to read up on the various items on the ballot; which you can also find on the California Secretary of State’s website,

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule - and both commonly succeed, and are right.” – H.L. Mencken

Monday, October 15, 2012

Is there a difference between a friend and an acquaintance?

What is the difference between a friend and an acquaintance? Is there a difference? What about a best friend, what criteria determines who obtains the status or title of a best friend, bestie, or BFF? Often times many categorize people they associate themselves with as friends, when the reality is most are just acquaintances. I am guilty of this myself, when I’m asked, “Where are you going?” I generally respond that I’m going out with friends, even though I know the vast majority of those who will be in attendance are acquaintances.

During an interpersonal communications class the differences were defined as how close one allows a person into their personal life. It was described as having a castle where each person has a different amount of security. Some have the water around the castle, varying in distance from their castle, while others have nothing but the outer wall. Some of us keep our gates down welcoming in everyone, while others keep their gates secured and limit access.

I know for me I have a large water gap between my castle and keep the main gate closed, with walls that cannot be breached. And this is just the outer perimeter; the inside is like a computer with mass firewalls; each one allowing only a fraction of information to be disclosed. It takes a long time for me to trust and let people into the core of my castle so to speak. I learned most people create these barriers based on circumstances and situations that have happened to them over the years. I can say that is the case with me, often when my guard was down was when I was hurt by those who I thought were ones I could trust.

As time goes by the barriers or firewalls so to speak may become less intense, I know for me even though I still have a maximum amount of security; it is not as intense as it used to be. Letting people into our personal areas of our life makes one vulnerable, and no one is comfortable with that. But sometimes the risk needs to be taken, otherwise opportunities for relationships may be missed. This is something I am continuously learning and trying to get better at and encourage anyone struggling with this to take baby steps like me to slowly breakdown the barriers created over time.

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“Be polite to all, but intimate with few.” – Thomas Jefferson

Friday, October 12, 2012

What Causes Businesses to Outsource?

T.G.I.F.!!! I am so glad the weekend is almost here, so I can relax and enjoy it. I’m going to watch the new movie Sinister Saturday, then on Sunday I’m going to lunch with my sister and her family and my dad and step-mom for a belated birthday lunch for my dad. Then I get to go have dinner with some classmates and my instructor, Jack Mierop from my speech 105 class. I might throw in a little homework, but fortunately I finally caught up thanks to staying up until 6am Wednesday. Amazing how much work you can get done without distractions, but man does time go by slow. LOL!
I recently was reading an article online about how generation X and some early generation Y individuals have started their own businesses to provide clothing to fit their style. The theme was title Hipster and the interesting point that was made was that these companies with smaller businesses are what will allow for jobs to remain in America and merchandise to be labeled “Made in the USA”. It’s no secret that major corporations have been outsourcing jobs to other countries, however, who is the driving force behind this dilemma?
I’ve had some interesting discussions with people about this over the past couple of years and many argue that corporate greed is why jobs are being outsourced, so the executives can get larger salaries and/or bonuses. Is that really the case? Or are consumers to blame for this increasing trend? The cost to employ your average American worker is significantly higher; as a result the cost of producing a product would increase significantly. Now the manufacturer needs to sell it at a price that will pay for his overhead (utilities, employee salaries, benefits, workman’s comp insurance, etc.) and allow for some profit. Taking this into consideration and knowing the store who will be selling the product to consumers needs to do the same, this means the cost of the product would increase and the question that I always ask is, would you pay $10 for a piece of clothing or electronic or $20 to $30? Most respond with $10, which is why in my opinion it is the consumer who determines where a product is made, not solely corporate greed.
Until next time!
Joey McIntosh
“Shopping is both a necessity and entertainment so while consumers may have less money to spend, that doesn’t necessarily affect their enjoyment of the shopping experience. What is fundamentally different is where consumers shop and their shopping mindset.”

Monday, October 8, 2012

Are you braver than a six year old?

I know I mentioned this in my last blog, but if you haven’t come by the Student Affairs office (Building 200, 2nd floor in Room 223) to see our haunted and gruesome office you’re missing out. We have had some come in just to see all the amazing art work that was done by FC students and some of the gory and bloody things done by yours truly; and many leave terrified! Grown men have screamed like little girls, some leaping out of our chairs almost in tears they were so afraid. Below are just a couple of pictures to give you a sneak peak. Although my six year old niece came to see it Monday and everyone in the office was shocked at how unafraid she was. So stop by and let’s see if you’re braver than a six year old girl???

Anyway, hopefully everyone made it through Monday and is ready to tackle another week. It’s hard to believe that we are already in week seven of the semester; which means only nine more weeks until the semester is over. Then a nice eight weeks off before the start of Spring semester. I’m not sure about you, but I am looking forward to the long winter break.

On another note, this Wednesday, October 10 from 10am to 1pm; A.S. and ICC will be hosting a Club Rush event where students can come and learn more about student government, various clubs on campus and if you have A.S. Benefits they will be offering FREE food. There will be music and a DJ during the entire event, it will be held on the east side of the 200 building so stop by and see how you can get more involved! And as always, if you would like me to discuss a topic or have any feedback, please comment or send me an email at

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“There is no distance on this earth as far away as yesterday.” – Robert Nathan

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Which one is more scary? You be the judge...

If you haven’t stopped by the Student Affairs office (Bldg, 200, Room 223 above the cafeteria/dining hall) I would encourage you to do so. The decorations are amazing and you feel like you are at Knott’s or Universal Studios Halloween Haunt, beware you may get scared and leave screaming! You can also buy discounted tickets to both Knott’s and Universal Haunt events as well as other theme parks and movie tickets. But stop by and take a look at their decorations, you will be impressed…if you’re lucky they may even turn off the lights for you to get the full Haunted House effect!
Just a brief update that we as students need to be proactive in advocating for adequate funding for higher education to our local state Assembly members and Senators. If you are not familiar with them I would encourage everyone to find out through the California website. Students can meet with Assembly members and Senators who represent the area within Fullerton College; however, it is more effective to target those where you live since that area is where they will be running for re-elections. And it doesn’t mean that students need to go in person, although it helps, a phone call, email or letter talking about your personal struggles with getting classes or the time it will take to graduate or transfer can make an impact. According to some of the Assembly member’s staff I have met with, one phone call to that office represents 100 of the Assembly or Senators constituents and they encouraged me and those in attendance to have students call and write letters, if they want to see a change.
Here is a link that was recently posted by FC on Twitter regarding the impact budget cuts are taking on students and their ability to graduate and/or transfer.,0,4815212.story.
Until next time!
Joey McIntosh
“If we have to look at new revenues, so be it. The fact is, higher education in general doesn’t have a lot of advocates out there pounding on the table. We have to do a better job. But getting people to get out and advocate and stand up and take some hits and confront may be hard to do sometimes.” – James Huffines

Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween is coming!!!

Well Monday is almost over and I hope most were able to catch up on their homework and studies this past weekend and still manage to have some fun. I can say I definitely did the latter, although not as much catching up on homework as I would have liked, but that’s okay (I think…lol). In my last post on Saturday I mentioned I was going to Universal Studios Haunt night and WOW! It was amazing! A lot better than what I was expecting, so glad I went with the group I did too. The people you bring are critical to having a super fun time. I had more fun watching most of my friends get scared and scaring them.
Two memorable moments were at the end of the night walking out there were a large group of clowns with chainsaws, well I pointed to one of my friends, who is super afraid of clowns, and he went right up to her chasing her in a circle for what seemed like forever; until she took off running ahead of us. We could not stop laughing and to top it all off when she looked back the clown pointed at her and laughed so his shoulders shook up and down. It was hilarious!
The second moment was when we first arrived we went straight to the Transformers ride. You have to picture a couple of the girls were already on edge before we even went into any mazes or interacted with the monsters; so we enter the line and I make comment to the worker at the front to make sure he radios ahead to scare this group of girls. As we walk through the line I joke with another cast member and mention that the guy at the front said he was the one to talk to and make sure the girls got scared especially good, this guy played along and acted like he was talking to someone about it and everything. By this point we are quite a bit further in line when a friend and I noticed him (although we didn’t recognize him right away) standing against a wall, well as the group of girls passed him he jumped out and screamed causing the girls to jump and scream; myself and others in line who didn’t get scared were laughing are butts off! I would say I felt bad, but I really didn’t even with one of the girls almost in tears. The best part was when I looked up from laughing the cast member was gone.
So needless to say I had a great time Saturday night at Universal Studios and really recommend going with a fun group of friends, be sure to take a few guys/girls who scare easy to make it super fun!
Until next time!

Joey McIntosh
“... you stink of fear under that cheap lotion. You stink of fear Will, but you're not a coward. You fear me, but still you came here. You fear this shy boy, yet still you seek him out. Don't you understand, Will? You caught me because we're very much alike. Without our imaginations, we'd be like all those other poor... dullards. Fear... is the price of our instrument. But I can help you bear it.” – Hannibal Lecter, Red Dragon (2002©)