Friday, October 28, 2011

This is Halloween!

Halloween is upon us, just a few more days! I love Halloween and all the scary decor. Matt and I are hosting our infamous party this Saturday, (tomorrow). We went on a two year hiatus but now we're back and it seems friends are just as excited.

Matt is a genius when it comes to decorating. In the past he has turned my in-laws house into the most elaborate mazes fit to scare anyone. He recruits friends to dress up and scare those walking through. It's incredible. I truly have no idea how he does it. I'm just along for the ride. So this year the party is moving to our new home. It's been fun breaking out the skull heads and bloody body parts.

On Monday I came home to a corpse in the middle of the living room. Lemme explain. A few years back he built a Styrofoam coffin out of his parents old spa cover. Cut it to shape an above ground tomb complete with a cross. He then painted it gray and black, splashed red paint all over it and TA DA! Instant tomb.

Well now it has found its way into my living room. He has it surrounding our 70's coffee tables which have glass tops and underneath is a pile of skeletal remains. On top the tables lay a bundle of real dead red roses. In case you're wondering, yes in the dark it's VERY creepy. But I love it.

This is Halloween and in our family you go big or go home. I will take tons of photos tomorrow before the party and post them for you to see.

Until tomorrow!

Stay classy FC,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Word of the day: Blocked

A writer's worst nightmare is of course writer's block. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting alone starring at a blank screen while the blinking cursor mocks you. That darn cursor ticks like a second hand on a clock forever reminding you that you're on deadline and time is running short. Whoever said the cursor must blink on the infinite white screen certainly wasn't a writer.

(Was it you Bill? Yeah I thought so...)

Through the year I have tried to find the courses of my writer's block without prevail. I've found it's like a virus striking at a moments notice. There is no stopping it and seldom is there a cure besides spending precious time trying to gain some inspiration. Making a sandwich usually helps. Don't ask me why, it's just the way it works.

That brings us to my current situation. As you are reading this I am sitting on a story for the Hornet which could potentially be amazing.But alas my poor little mind is inflected. Luckily I have some time, not much mind you. But it's just enough to get the creative juices flowing. And with some luck my story will in on time thus putting a cute little smile on my editor's face.

(Inspiration mode: It only looks like I'm sleeping.)

I was talking with a friend (yep that's you Franny), she's a former Titan, last week about my writing and why lately I've been at a stand still. She mentioned that I may have lost my writing voice and I need to find it again.

(I'm right there with ya kid.)

I lost it? Did I leave it at the checkout counter? Should I look in the lost in found amongst the smelly hoodie jackets and the kid toys? I had no idea it just hitched a ride somewhere without telling me when it'll be back. Pssh, what a jerk.

Well it looks like I've got my work cut out for me today. I need to start in on this article for the paper, find my lost voice where ever it is and maybe get some work done while I'm actually at work. Guess I should get started. Wait, think I'll eat lunch first. Food fixes EVERYTHING!

Stay classy FC,


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Today I started a daily mood log. I've never felt the need to log my moods until recently. Life is stressful and my motivation has dropped significantly. I always hate complaining because I know someone out there is worse off than I am in life. You know that saying, your life isn't so bad, some people don't.... (fill in the blank). Yeah you've heard it a million times since you were two. "Some kids don't have food so eat your veggies." Queue the eye rolling and Fido conveniently under the table.

Side note: How many of you actually fed what you didn't want to the dog? I had a hamster so I was lucky enough to eat all my food. Yum yum.

Anyway...These are my struggles and regardless of anyone else; my life will never be happy unless I make it happy. No one is going to do that for me (which is why I need a pill, duh), so therefore comparing my life to others is useless. I don't feel better when I know a person is worse off then me. In fact it makes me feel even worse for two reasons. One, I feel bad for complaining. And two, I want to help them but usually can't because I lack the resources. So I'll just keep complaining.

So back to my mood log. The main reason for tracking my moods is I started taking a supplement, good ol' St. John's Wort. No idea if this stuff actually works. So... the only way to see if it does is by tracking my moods. Ta Da!

(Yummy yellow flowers smashed up into a happy pill!)

In a small way I feel a little weird telling you I need a happy pill. But this is the life of a full time working, married, college student. Hey at least I'm not turning to the other stuff I see sold on the street corners. But if anyone knows where I can get some drop me a line. I kid, I kid. That stuff will kill you. Better to turn to the over the corner stuff the stores sell, cause nothing they offer can harm you.

The older you get the demands just pile on. Especially when you're 26 and should be graduated with your BA in whatever the heck it is you think you'll be. Gotta love the family for piling on the extra pound of pressure to your already stressful life. Mmmm makes me feel so happy.

I know they mean well, just annoying sometimes. I'm not sure I want to keep you posted on my daily mood log. Suppose I should now that I've told you about it. I'll let you know in a few weeks if I feel a difference or not.

Fingers crossed!

Stay classy FC,

Friday, October 14, 2011

Its a live post today.

As I write this I'm sitting at a table with my journalism advisor and fellow writers from the Hornet waiting to attend the Journalism Association of Community Colleges conference.
It's so great to not be at work! I feel like a real student. Yay!

The air is stirring with chatter and excitement. There are students from all over California here today.
Some students are here to compete in writing, photography and broadcast writing competitions.

My husband asked if I was going to compete. My reply... I'm too chicken. Plus I hadn't prepared.

Oops its about to start. Ill keep you posted!

So I'm back!
Just listened to April Corbin from the Vegas Sun talk about feature writing. She was very enlightening and thorough in her explanations. She gave me tips on how to strengthen my writing. I'm so excited to try them out. One tip is to go to a public place and just write 300 words on what I see. Brilliant! Never thought of that!

I love being amongst other journalism  students. I found they're having the same issues as me with news writing. It's so nice to hear I'm part of a norm.

I'm the kind of person who needs to feel part of a community. So I'm completely in heaven at this conference.

Ill be back. But now its the dos and fonts of landing a job!

That was the most entertaining talk on how to land a job. I did get some insight and hopefully I can apply it. I will post sometime this weekend the 50 buzz words that should not be on your resume for you. It will change your resume completely!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The measure of success

While I work on getting a previous blog to format properly... it's a long story but I will post it tomorrow. I thought I would stop for a minute to say hi to some of my favorite people, YOU!

Earlier tonight by good friend Dennis Salvatier had an exhibit with Secret City Comic Society during the Fullerton art walk. Dennis is a graph designer and a connoisseur of graph novels. He is an amazing artist and I'm not saying that because he is my friend. Dennis thinks outside the box and creates a look all his own. I'm so proud of him. Seeing his work tonight made me realize you don't need to make it "big" to be successful. He IS a success because of everything he has accomplished.

These are a few shown at the show tonight.

Side note: Harley Quinn is my favorite female character of all time. She's sweet, sexy but lethal. Not to mention in love with one of the most sadistic villains Batman has ever faced, the Joker. I love Batman comics!

Anyway, back to my point about being successful. I always measured success by the amount of people who knew about your speciality or what you've done. Which is not always the case. Sure it helps to have a larger fan following but the support from family and friends is what matters most.

I never thought I could be successful while attending school. For some reason I didn't see how the two could go hand in hand. BUT I've taken a good look at my life lately and the things I've done with my 26 years on this planet. And I have to say for the first time I think I'm successful.

For one I purchased my first car at the age of 19 with my own hard earned money, with my own credit I built up and paid it off within three years. I totaled it a month after getting the title in the mail, but that's another story. Purchased my second car on my own... I can report that she's still alive and well three years later.

Also I was determined to find my calling in life, I never gave up although at times I wanted to (and still do at times). Journalism seems to be a perfect fit. It feels like that cozy over sized hoodie jacket you'd wear on a cold winters night while snuggled on the couch. Man, now I want hot coco...

I've become a manager at every place I've worked. At my current job I managed the social media, exhibits and membership. The social media is a lot of fun! And without my boss giving me this opportunity to run our companies Facebook, I might not have been offered the chance to help manage the Hornet's Facebook. Now that's way cool and a huge honor!

It truly is relaxing to take a step back and breathe. To take in all the hard work and effort I put into each and every day. I become so wrapped up in what needs to be done that I forget to enjoy it when it's finished. Or even enjoy the journey. My husband, Matt, constantly reminds me to slow down, to enjoy life more. But I can't. I consistently have a goal ahead of me every day that must be met or else I can't rest. I don't know how to slow down... do any of you know how? Is there a trick to it? Are you born with it?

I want to be successful in life. Isn't that something we all want? I'm by no means an over achiever, straight A student. But secretly wish I was one though. I simply wish to be good at the things I love.

I hope you are able to recognize the things which make you successful in life. I'd say pat yourself on the back for them but that just sounds cheesy. Wouldn't you agree? So instead treat yourself to something you've been wanting. Why? Because you deserve it.

Stay classy FC,