Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone. For many the year has been filled with a vast amount of events that have touched every aspect of our emotions. Some have brought insight into our lives for the better; others have pushed us out of our comfort zones to new heights that some may have never thought possible. While other events would be better off forgotten about all together. No matter what the mixture, I hope that through everything one may have faced or gone through this past year that lessons were learned and growth was achieved.

I am expecting and believing 2013 will be a great year with many spectacular events and surprises (good surprises). With the planning of the Fullerton College Centennial and kick off this April, new and improved buildings coming to completion this Spring and ready for use in Fall 2013; along with a variety of other events planned for this year, it is sure to be a year to remember at Fullerton College. As students the hope, at least for me, is that the excitement and energy that will be happening at Fullerton College will overflow into my personal life.
 One can either embrace the events that are in front of them or choose to ignore them. Be adventurous and become involved and embrace the Fullerton College centennial and everything that will be happening this year. Make new friends, socialize on campus and make life fun! Life is what we make it, dull & boring, miserable, or an amazing adventure! “Sometimes we become so focused on the finish line, that we fail to find joy in the journey.” – Author Unknown. The choice is ours!

Have a great New Year and we will see you when the Spring semester starts on February 4, 2013.

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh
 “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Will You be Here for 2013???

With all the speculation and hype of the world ending in 2013, is it really true? I wonder how it will happen, an asteroid, alignment of the planets, or a massive super volcano explosion. So many choices, the possibilities seem endless. Whatever it is as long as I don’t suffer I’ll be happy.

But wait, here is something no one has asked, that I know of, or seen an answer to about the end of the world. Will the world be destroyed all at once or in sections? If it is supposed to happen all at once, which time zone will it happen in? Pacific Standard time zone, Eastern, Central, or one of the many other time zones we have out there. Also, did the Myan calendar calculate for leap year? If they didn’t is the timing off or can it still be considered accurate?

What makes the end of an ancient calendar so special and hold so much control over what people believe will happen? We don’t think twice when our regular calendar ends; it just cycles over and over again with a different year. Throughout time each civilization has had their own form of a calendar, even now we use two forms of a yearly calendar; a traditional January through December and then our fiscal calendar of July through June.

This entire hype reminds me of the Y2K scare back in 1999, for those of you old enough to remember, when everyone thought the computer systems were going to collapse when the new millennium happened. In my opinion the same is true for this prophecy; there are too many unanswered questions and variables on how the earth will end. I say live life for the moment and enjoy everyday as best one can.

Happy Holidays to everyone and I will see you next year!

Joey McIntosh

 "Every day should be passed as if it were to be our last." — Publilius Syrus

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is blood thicker than water?

What is this referring too and is it accurate? Many may be thinking, duh blood is thicker, just like syrup is thicker than orange juice (only thing coming to mind…don’t judge). But for this I am looking at it from the perspective of relationships and bonds we form with others. When it comes to this analogy of bonding, some believe it applies that the bond with family is stronger than those outside, such as friends. Others feel it refers to the bond one has with both family and friends; then there are those who consider this statement relates to anyone they are close too, and does not need to include family.

In my personal opinion I feel the latter. To me, those who are there for me no matter what, accept me for me and there for me through all my ups and downs determine who I consider to be in my blood group. Personally most of the people in my blood group are a select core group of friend(s), my sister, and maybe a second family member. The remaining majority of my family is water and I can do without them in my life. As cold as this may sound, we all have certain people we feel this way about, mine just happens to include some family. Now I like to take this a step further and have a group of friends/acquaintances that I am close to, not blood theory type, but also not in my water group. I’ll call them my blood thinner group, they are the ones I socialize with see every now and again while enjoying their company, but do not share any intimate or personal life information with them like I do my blood group.

Our relationships are like circles and those closest to us usually try to protect us, so just as you would pour a circle of blood then water outside, the blood would prevent most if not all of the water from penetrating. That is why it is so important who we choose to trust and allow into our inner circle [blood group].

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives" — Euripides

Your my Best Friend by Queen: 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It’s almost over!

It has been a fun and interesting semester, one that has gone by very fast with our 16 week calendar. Some may be done with your finals, others finishing the last round today and I wish you the best of luck. If you have a final after today, that’s not very fun but don’t worry I’ll be right there with you. I have a final tonight at 7pm, tomorrow at 7pm, and an online assignment due Saturday; yes I have been procrastinating on this one.
Although after we are all done with our finals, hopefully most can rest or enjoy a nice vacation with the eight weeks we have off to get ready for the Spring 2013 semester. Spring semester always goes by super-fast, at least for me. With all the events that will be taking place it will definitely be fast paced, yet full of fun and excitement! Our Fullerton College Centennial pre-celebration will begin with an Art Exhibit opening at the Fullerton Museum, Men and Women of Distinction, Commencement, and of course Teacher of the Year.
Speaking of Teacher of the Year, be sure to keep an eye out for the forms to nominate a professor you had this semester so they can hopefully be recognized as an outstanding leader. This award is not only something that Fullerton College and our District recognize, but their name is sent to the State Department of Education! And unfortunately many might be hoping for an award for worst instructor of the year (I know I’ve had a few), but they won’t let us do that. L
Anyway, I wish everyone the best of luck on any remaining finals you have and a wonderful Holiday!
Until next time!
Joey McIntosh

"It's important to learn what works for you so at the end of the vacation you really do feel like you had a break from your work," — Mark Walker

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Did you know…

Some, including myself, did not realize how many influential and successful individuals began their education at a community college. I found a link on the California for Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office website listing many of those who began at a community college, ranging from best-selling authors to Chief Justices to Hall of Fame coaches. It is inspiring to read about all of these amazing individuals. This goes to show that just because one may start at a community college, doesn’t mean they cannot go on to doing great things in life.
So who are some of these individuals…Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc. attended De Anza College for two semesters in the 70’s before going on to creating Apple, Inc.; which to some has become one of the best advancements in technology.
George Lucas, Director of Star Wars, attended Modesto Junior College where he began a new path towards film and went on to direct and produced some of the most entertaining and blockbuster movies of all time! Others who attended community colleges and went on to be very successful were:
·         John Madden, NFL Hall of Fame Coach
·         Julian Nava, First Mexican Ambassador to Mexico
·         Jackie Robinson, First African American to play in Major League Baseball
·         Hayes Edward “Big Ed” Sanders, 1952 Olympic Gold Medal, Heavyweight boxing
·         Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles
·         Clint Eastwood, Actor/Director
·         Morgan Freeman, Actor
·         Tom Hanks, Actor
Never think starting your educational journey at a community college makes a person less intelligent or that success will not happen. As one can see from the short list of those who began at a community college and went on to do amazing things in life…the same is true for all of us. Until next time!
Joey McIntosh
“Nothing is impossible. With so many people saying it couldn't be done, all it takes is an imagination.” ― Michael Phelps

Friday, December 7, 2012

The end is near…But will Santa stop by first???

It’s almost that time for the semester to end and finals begin. For many this weekend will be nothing but cramming and studying for finals. But once all the finals have been completed we can take a sigh of relief knowing that there will be eight, yes eight full weeks off before the Spring semester begins. Time to do nothing, spend time with family and friends, take a vacation or all of the above!

Here are some relaxation techniques I have learned over the years:
1.       Begin with your feet and tense your muscles as tight as you can, slowly releasing them and continue with the rest of your body even with your face.
2.       Take 3-4 deep breaths through your nose while slowly exhaling out your mouth
3.       Find a quiet, relaxed place. Close your eyes and let your worries drift away. Imagine your restful place. Picture it as vividly as you can—everything you can see, hear, smell, and feel. Let your own images come up and work for you.

These are just a few of the relaxation techniques one can use to prevent from getting over stressed during finals next week. And rumor has it that Santa will be on campus all day this upcoming Wednesday, December 12, 2012 to bring everyone some holiday cheer! So be sure to look for him throughout the day and in between classes, he may roam through the quad or classroom hallways, or through some of the departments.

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you'd be more productive.” – Dr. Joyce Brothers

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Many may not know, but Fullerton College will be celebrating its 100th birthday next Fall! We will be kicking the celebration off in April with an exhibit of how Fullerton College and Orange County from 1913 to present day. They will also show portions of what the future of Fullerton College and Orange County might look like. The exhibit will be at the Fullerton Museum from April through mid-July.

For the new students who will be here during this once in a lifetime event, it will be something you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren about. If one takes a step back and stops, you realize that you have now become a part of history! When people talk years down the road about Fullerton College, one can proudly say, “I attended/worked at Fullerton College when they celebrated their 100th birthday.” How awesome is that!

I encourage everyone to take a look at the Fullerton College Centennial website, and if you want tell your story of how you ended up at Fullerton College and if you have lived in Orange County for all or a significant portion of your life what your experiences were growing up. You don’t need to be an alumni or a student who is in their final stages of graduating to tell your story, we want to hear everyone’s story!

This is going to be a great year of celebrating and a once in a lifetime experience for everyone, unless some plan on living to 120 or more (won’t go there with the older faculty)! ;-)

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

Friday, November 30, 2012

Make your time count

It is important for us as individuals and a society to make sure every moment we spend counts. I remember hearing at a graduation ceremony a student ask, if each person had a bank account that each day received a deposit of $86,400 what would you do with it. How would you spend it? And anything left over or unused would be discarded, none would carry over. The person went on to say that we are given 86,400 seconds a day to use as we wish. To laugh, cry, be depressed, angry, stressed, joyful, anything we want. Regardless, everyday we are given time, something one can never add too.

There have been a lot of situations happening in my life that are making me re-evaluate and prioritize. Not to long ago I found out a family member has several medical issues, one being lung disease which will shorten their lifespan tremendously. And just yesterday night I found out that another family member was diagnosed with Colon cancer and is in the advanced stages. They are going for tests next week; however, even the best case scenario is 2-3 years and worst case if it’s too advanced, 2-4 months. Sadly one of the family members missed out on a lot of time with myself and other family members, we all realize this and know time cannot be replaced, but moving forward we can make the best out of the time we do have.

So if there is someone out there who you may have been meaning to talk to or do something with, don’t wait or allow past incidents to hinder things. Obviously if they are unwilling to talk about why there has been avoidance there’s no need to push it. At least make an effort to make amends and spend time with those close to you, family and/or friends, since we never know what life may throw at any of us next.

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“Anytime people are in very extreme circumstances, dealing with life and death and dealing with survival I think we can find truth in those moments.” – Matthew Fox

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Foreign Country Far, Far Away

For this week, I wanted to talk about a very close friend of mine named Max. He happens to be one of the happiest, sweetest and most charming guys I know. I’ve been blessed to become his friend over the past semester and I feel as though his story is truly amazing. His journey to Fullerton College starts a long time ago, in a foreign country far, far away: when he moved to the US from Hong Kong in 1999 after his father got his 'specialty occupation' work visa as an architect. He went through middle school and high school with high marks and was promised an American college education and the American Dream. He quickly learned that some dreams are not meant to be.
He discovered this when he received a scholarship to a university -- and when he accepted and noted that he did not have a Social Security Number, they kindly rescinded their offer. The rest of his senior year was a blur. To pass time, I helped my friends 'edit' their personal statements and they got into the universities of their choice. Max instead chose to work and vowed to return to school once he saved enough to avoid debt at all cost.
It took almost six years and a series of under appreciated jobs that ranged from being a caregiver to a private nurse. In the end, Max enrolled in Fullerton College thinking that he could finish in less than two years. But the obstacles continued to come. It's been four semesters and Max still hasn’t been able to get a single chemistry course. Fortunately, good advice is not in short supply at Fullerton College. At the urging of a classmate, Max applied for the Honors Program. Before he completed the 15 units required to be certified, he met the former A.S. President and she encouraged him to be in student government. From his involvement in A.S., Max learned about a variety of other programs including STEM and took advantage of the exciting opportunities there. Things may not have gone according to plan, but he always proudly says that his time at Fullerton College has been extremely rewarding. 

-Nora Matti

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dealing with the Unexpected

Some things in life come at individuals unexpectedly; how those situations are handled can make a significant difference. Events and circumstances in life cannot always be controlled. Despite this, people have the ability control their attitude about the situation they are dealing with. Being positive and not jumping to conclusions is the best one can do when dealing with challenging situations. It is not always easy, yet it allows for the best outcome.

This can be applied to any situation one may be facing: family trouble, relationships, academics, medical, work or co-worker(s), and any other situation one can think of. Another great piece of advice I have learned over the years is to not assume or jump to a conclusion until all the facts are presented. The worst thing to do is jump to a conclusion, mention it to someone and have false information roaming around. Sometimes it’s best to keep things to ourselves until everything, or at least a majority of the facts are known.

I say all of this from experience. There have been times where I would receive bad news and would not be the most positive about it and the only person it would hurt was me. I have also been in situations where all the facts were not presented before I made a decision or told information to others that was inaccurate. Even now I am facing several situations that have occurred unexpectedly, one just this morning that took me by surprise. Despite this my goal is to remain as positive as I can and not jump to the worst case scenario, only thinking and planning for the best outcome.

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“Nobody says you must laugh, but a sense of humor can help you overlook the unattractive, tolerate the unpleasant, cope with the unexpected, and smile through the day.” – Ann Landers

The Boy That Became a Man

            I’ve always heard that a man never becomes a man until he becomes a Dad. I never believed that till I met Rick. Rick was a high school jerk that became an adult when his high school girlfriend became pregnant.  Although his girlfriend’s family and Rick’s family has known each other for years, it wasn’t until Rick walked into a party during their senior year that he noticed her. The music wasn’t loud enough to drown out their conversation. She fell in love with his sensitivity and he fell in love with her charm. It wasn’t long till she was pregnant with their daughter and they we’re forced to get married.
            The external pressure from Rick’s family to be a great father, provider and partner was too much to handle. As a result, the first two years of their marriage were unbearable. He was always picking fights with his wife and storming off. The tipping point of their marriage was the birth of their second child, a son. Rick was twenty years old and a father to two healthy children; he finally realized that his wife wasn’t the problem but his partner. He told her that he promised to spend the rest of his life making up for the first two years of their marriage. The promise he made to his wife transformed his life. Thankfully, once he changed his behavior, his life turned for the better. For example, Rick was promoted to be the manger of a construction firm which gave him the desperate financial push that he needed to provide for his family.
            Rick came to Fullerton College with an unfinished dream. When Rick was growing up, all he wanted was to get a college degree. He loves learning and wasn’t able to go to school because he had to work while his wife went to school! Although he has a family and a stable job, he wanted to prove to his kids that’s it’s never too late to live your dream! In two semesters, Rick will be a part of Fullerton College’s Class of 2013. He’s taught his children and me that you aren’t given a dream without the power to accomplish it.  It might take 20 years to accomplish your dream but it can still happen. 

-Nora Matti

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is having a great day of rest, family, and feasting on lots of good food! Thanksgiving is a day that has a different meaning for everyone. For some it is religious, others it may be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, spending time with family and loved ones or a variety of other reasons. Whatever the reason you celebrate it, may it be extra special and pleasant.

This Thanksgiving my family and I decided to take the non-traditional route and go the simple route of a sandwich with a few snacks. I’ll probably spend the morning with some of my Indian friends since they do not celebrate Thanksgiving (an American tradition), then grab something to eat and after that prepare for the black Friday sales.

My sister and I have a tradition we started about four years ago, where just her and I plan what stores we want to go to and the times to go, since some open before midnight. I’ll be the one getting up at 6am to get the paper with all the ads and fun stuff! I actually enjoy going to black Friday sales just for the fact that my sister and I get to spend time together. Yes, I see her all the time but rarely do we ever have one-on-one time together without any interruptions when we try to have conversations. It’s probably the only main reason I go to the black Friday sales, although there are some pretty good deals!

Until next time!
Joey McIntosh

“Real generosity is doing something nice for someone 
who will never find out.” – Frank Clark

Monday, November 19, 2012

Why did you decide to attend Fullerton College?

Some students may already know; then again many may not. Fullerton College is getting ready to celebrate its 100th birthday in Fall 2013. For all the current students, now could not be a more historical time to be attending Fullerton College and we would like to know your story on what guided you to attend Fullerton College.

For those students who have moved on or have been on campus for a longer period; the same is true for you…what led you to Fullerton College and what did or do you like about FC and was or is there anything you would like to see changed?

Student stories are needed and an important part of the history of Fullerton College, currently there are only one or two student stories; yet dozens of faculty and older alumni stories posted. Let others know why you chose Fullerton College. Be a part of Fullerton’s next 100 years of history! Below are some questions that can act as a guide to help tell your story:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.      <!--[endif]-->What brought you or your family to Fullerton or Orange County?
2.      Explain why you chose to study/work at Fullerton College.
3.      In what areas of college life were/are you engaged?
4.      Describe what the college was like and your principal interests during your year(s) at the college. During your time at Fullerton College, who were people you had friendships with, were inspired by, or in some way made a difference in your time here, and why?
5.      What were some of the biggest changes or most significant events that took place during your time at the college?
6.      What advice do you have for our current students?
7.      What impact did your experiences at Fullerton College have on the rest of your life/career and how?
8.      Feel free to include any other comments about your FC Experience…
9.      Year of Birth:
10.  Department of Specialty:
11.  Dates/Years at Fullerton College:
12.  Accomplishments/Awards

Email your story to:

Until next time!
Joey McIntosh

“But the more information that comes out, the more explicable and human historical events become. The details make the story real.” – Taylor Branch

Who Needs a Mother?

            An unknown author once said, “A child needs both parents to survive”. However, I’m sure that he never met Tammy. In my opinion, Tammy is the strongest  woman at Fullerton College. But before I explain why, I wanted to give you guys a little history about her life. At 11 years old, Tammy’s father died of cancer and although Tammy had her mother, she was dealing with a drug addiction that was taking over her life. Tammy told me of the stories of walking up to cocaine spread across the coffee tables, days of her mother dispersing for days and being left with her grandmother, not knowing when she was going to go home.
Tammy was left alone to provide for herself and her 8 year old brother.  Since she was 14 years old, she told me about how she had to work to put food on the table. She was in charge of getting her brother to school because her mother was too stoned to take them to school. Furthermore, Tammy’s mother would tell them that it was a national holiday because she didn’t want to get up in the morning to take her kids to school. It wasn't until Tammy was 18 years old that things began to change. Tammy’s mother discovered Christ and stopped using drugs. But by that time it was already too late. Tammy had been a mother for half a decade. She was raising herself and her younger brother.
Finally, Tammy found refuge at Fullerton College because she got away from her family. What was even more shocking to her family was her choice to take care of herself. She moved in with her boyfriend so that she could have a fresh start. She wanted to remove herself from her mother because even though she was sober she was still unbearable. Tammy expresses the ongoing pain she felt when her mother credits God, not her children, for giving her the motivation she need to stop using drugs. However, despite all the drama with her family Tammy made it. She was working 40 hours a week, maintains a 4.0 GPA and has a loving relationship. She taught me the power of believing in yourself especially when no one else will. More importantly, she taught me that you can overcome anything if you just believe in yourself!

-Nora Matti