Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Gronk, Thank you.

So last week was amazing! I dropped my online math class and suddenly I can breathe again. No more looming dark clouds of polynomials and factoring trinomials for this girl. It's all in the past...well until next semester that is when I'll retake it ON campus. I do not recommend online math. It's the devil I tell you. Even if your considering it remember this warning.

So on top of breaking out of math prison I had the honor of interviewing Gronk who is the Artist in Residence. Last Tuesday I attended his lecture which was incredible. That man has led a spectacular intriguing life. His art is truly a one of kind and it's no wonder he has been so successful.

I would go on about his incredibly awesome life, but instead I suggest picking up the latest issue of the Hornet to find out more. It came out today in case you're wondering.

Instead I want to tell you about the unexpected effect he had on me as an artist. I'm not much of one, for instance I can't paint the very detail that makes someones smile affectionate or turn a still life into real life. But I love to create! I adore abstract art and lowbrow artists. I appreciate those who can paint like Michael Angelo but it does nothing to feed my soul. No offense.

I'm a timid person when it comes to creating my own art. I don't really have my own style but I strive to find it every day. Gronk's lecture was inspiring to say the least. Not to toot my own horn, but some of his experiences as a child mirror mine. Like using mayo to create art. Yes, mayo the stuff you spread on bread to make sandwiches. Weird I know.

But that's exactly my point! I never use how weird I am in my art anymore. As a kid I used it all the time without a care. Although through years of teasing I now hide my odd creativity. It's a defense mechanism. Hey we all have them.

Gronk is proof that it's ok to be you. It's ok to be weird or odd and express it in my art. I usually make things I know people will like. Usually I'm afraid no one will like it or think it's cool if it's too weird. But no more of that crap. My prospective has changed. It's like someone turned on the light for me. I love these moments in life when what you've been searching for is handed to you. It puts a smile on my face.

So I'm leaving you now to go paint. I'll leave you with my FAVORITE quote.

"All I know is, if you don't figure out something you'll just stay ordinary. And it doesn't matter if it's a work of art or a taco, or a pair of socks! Just create something new and there it is, and it's you, out in the world, out side of you and you can look at it or hear it or read it or feel it. And you know a little more about you. A little bit more than anyone else does." - P.S. I Love You. (a great chick flick too btw.)

Stay Classy FC,


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Oh my goodness! Life has really been kicking my butt lately. I am so exhausted and yet I have so much to do still. I have to read an entire book by Tuesday and yet I still have not started and on top of that I have a ton of other homework to do. Also, i have been trying to pick up as much hours as I possibly can at work lately because I will not being working in the spring of next year so I must have some money to live off of. So, the saving has begun. I am going to start being a boring person and not going out and having any fun because I need to save as much as possible. Oh and to top off my very hectic life I was in a rush to get to work today and I received a speeding ticket. I cannot really complain about it because it was definitely my fault and I know that it is very dangerous, but sometimes we got to do what we got to do. I just wish I could have got a break. It was my first ticket ever since I started driving and I think I am still in shock just a little bit. I think the thing that got me a little mad was that I was not even speeding that much. I was only going 73 mph and he wrote on the ticket I was doing 85 mph. I cannot believe that it said that. I know I did the crime so I must to the time so to speak but the least he could have done was be honest. I most definitely learned my lesson after that though... Well, until my fingers meet the keys, Amber


So as everyone may know I work at Costco and it is a good company as far as I can tell. I think it is really great at times because when major things happen Costco teams up with the American Red cross and gets donations to help people in need. I know other stores do it as well but It is nice to see that a company that I work for reaches out and tries to help. Every year we give to the Hospital for the kids and I thought that was the only organization that we were involved in, but when this whole thing happened with Japan it was different. We are now trying to raise money to help the Red Cross get items to all the people in need. I know that it is something scary and because it is not where we live it is easy for us to just brush it off but for big companies like Costco or even the markets to step up and show how much the world means to everyone is nice to see. It gets annoying sometimes asking people if they would like to donate because they have probably been asked before or they do not have the money themselves to donate but we just got to remember that it is for a good cause and I am sure all of us would want someone to help us if we were in that situation, would we not? Well, until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

Sunday, March 20, 2011


What will you be up to next week? It’s been pretty tough for most students due to a bunch of homework and exams, and seems like it will still be tough next week not because of exams but also rain. I’ve seen it raining outside since the early morning. I wanted to take a walk after lunch, and the rain messed up my plan for today. It will rain over a few days next week, and this doesn’t give me happiness since I’m the one who hates rain. I appreciate rain but I want it to pour while I am sleeping.

Whenever it’s raining outside, I become moody, and lots of moody and romantic songs are needed for me. As mentioned a long time ago, I started my day with the song that I always listen to when raining. Since it’s gotten colder, we turned on the fireplace that supplied the family room with warmth. I’m sitting right now with a cup of coffee and my laptop covering myself with a blanket. Feels so good.
It’s too cold outside for shorts. Hope you are having a good Sunday indoor. It will be raining tomorrow, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella.

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna


One of my favorite TV shows is Friends. I got the whole season on dvd to watch whenever I want, about two years ago. I bet all of you guys have seen this show at least once before. The episodes are very related to our normal lives, and that’s one of the reasons why I love this show. I like all of the characters in Friends but my favorite of them is definitely Joey because his “dumb” face and jokes make me laugh to death. There are various stories between each of six friends in this show, and I remember probably most of them.

Once I get into something I like, I usually can’t help but continue with it. Yesterday, I was watching TV and wanted to see Friends all of sudden. And I did. I started with the first season and guess what? I am already watching the end of season two. Gosh, I feel like I won’t stop until I finish the whole season. While I ran on the treadmill last night, I saw two or three of these episodes that made me laugh hard while grasping and I was about to fall down off the treadmill. I would have broken my ankle or something because I was running so hard. Anyway, I love this show the most. This distracts my plans of studying and completing all the homework for next week. So I ended up hearing it while I’m studying. Isn’t it stupid? But well I’m still hearing.

I think the casting directors are genius. How could they sense that these six unknown people could fit in each character perfectly? Of course the six did a great job but all I want to say is that the directors made a perfect decision for the show. As a student who wants to be a TV producer in the future, my ultimate goal is to make a great TV show that people can love for a long long time.

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ever since I was younger I thought that the older we got the less we would have nightmares and sooner or later they would all just go away altogether. I guess I was wrong! I was so tired yesterday that as soon as I got home I went right to sleep. Lately I have been having trouble sleeping through the night, I am constantly tossing and turning and I cannot figure out why.

Last night was different though. I slept for like maybe three hours and then woke up to use the restroom and went right back to sleep. Once I went to sleep again I had nightmares for the rest of the time I tried to sleep. It was so real that I started to breathe heavy and even woke up with tears running down my cheeks. I cannot even remember the last time this has happened to me where it was that bad.

I think the nightmares could be God's way of telling me that it is really time that I fix some things in my life. I need to make some major improvements and kick some people out of my life. They are doing way more damage then good for me in my life. And last nights nightmare was proof of all that. I have been up since 6am this morning and the time change did not help either. I am ready to knock out already, hopefully tonight's sleep will do me some justice.

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber


Last night I went to sleep as soon as I had gotten home from work and dinner with my best friend. I did not get a chance to talk to my parents or my siblings at all. I was too tired so I went straight to my room and into my bed.

When I woke up this morning I noticed something on my floor like if someone had slid it underneath my door. It was the size of a sheet of paper. I picked it up and looked it over and found out that it is my acceptance letter to Azusa Pacific University. I finally got it!! I knew that I was going to get in because I have been talking to the coach from there and he was willing to do anything to get me to go there, so my going there was not a question. To me it just reassures everything that much more knowing that I got my piece of paper and that I finally can start thinking about what I need to get done now and not worry about whether or not I am going to get in for sure.

Getting my letter today completely made my day. It made me wake up with a smile on even though I am sick and utterly exhausted. I cannot wait to start there next semester and move on to bigger and better things. It is just so exciting knowing that I am one step closer to finally having a career and my own life. Cannot wait!!!!

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's pray

As you all know, there was a big earthquake and tsunami followed afterwards. Can you guys believe it was 8.9? wow, I never heard of one this big occurring before. This is very scary. There have been more than 1700 people dead or missing in Japan. Another scary part is that the nuclear plant has a partial meltdown, and this can affect other countries as well. During my bible study yesterday, all of the members prayed very hard for their safety and peace in Japan. When I first heard the news, I texted to all of my Japanese friends to find out how their families and friends were doing. Fortunately, some are safe, but others said that they couldn’t contact them because the phone lines were dead. Sounded so awful that I couldn’t say anything but that it will be okay. I saw a picture that tons of people are sleeping on the street, and buildings are all crashed down. We all said at the bible study last night that we needed to pray for them, and that’s all we could do right now. Yes, let’s pray for the people in Japan. Some people don’t even care about it much, but guys, think if you were in the same position, and people from other countries didn’t seem to care, then how would you feel? ….

Maybe because of what has happened? I wasn’t in a good mood today. Hopefully everything will be fine, and no more people get hurt or die.

Oh, I want to say this before finishing. We will have day light saving time starting at midnight, so don’t forget to turn your clock forward one hour before you go to bed.

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's Alleged Sex Tape

HA! Fooled you! It's not a sex tape guys... It's the new advertisement for SmartWater.
So really I should be studying but instead I'm watching Youtube videos. The video is titled "Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape". I think it's clever marketing because it incorporates all the things people love to view on the web. Such as cute animals, a kid pretending to be a rock star and the standard groin kick. Oh and the infamous promise of a celebrity sex tape...
To me labeling it her sex tape is hilarious and shows she has a wonderful sense of humor. Go Jennifer!

Although it is on the cheesy side, it's still funny... you gotta hand it to Jen for her "smart" decisions.
Oh did you see what I did there... huh huh? She's smart like SmartWater...
Stay Classy FC!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flashback Alley

Yesterday I noticed some of my lawn decor was stolen from my front yard. The jerks took these solar globes that glow and change colors at night. So I completely understand why they were stolen cause they are so cool. But of course I really wish they hadn't. Well that goes without saying. It's not like I willing want people to steal my things. That would be kind of weird...

But it got me thinking about the people who live around me. And all the shady creatures that walk by every day. I recognize all the drug dealers by face. It's so painfully obvious what they're doing...sometimes I want to ask them, "so is business good today?" Reminds me of my childhood.

I grew up in Placentia smack dab in the middle of two gangs, Plaz and La Jolla. I knew all the cars they drove and also knew if they were coming down the street it meant move your butt cause something was about to go down. The gun fire was a nightly ritual. Although as a little kid they left us alone. Granted it's not like I grew up in the streets of Compton. But Murray Street was MY Compton.

Then I moved to the seedy part of Fullerton and experienced even more crime and gang activity. Our house was robbed when I was 12. Yippee!! Can you say best day EVER!

On Christmas a few years back the police raided the crack house next to my moms house locking us in for 14 hours. It was "fun" to see the officers crouched down in my backyard trying to capture anyone who may attempt an escape. Again Best day EVER! Merry Christmas everyone!

Through my countless experiences I developed a keen eye for people who are up to no good. I know what they look like - I know their behavior as if it were my own. My husband on the other hand grew up in safe suburbia. Nice house, good family and friends. So it goes without saying my little Matty is a bit on the sheltered side. He's no fool just unfamiliar with street action. It's fun teaching him new things and showing him what to look out for. I tell him, these are the signs just watch and you'll see them. He's getting good at it now. I've completely corrupted him. In a good way I'd like to think. I believe people should be aware of their surroundings.

I'm a pretty good judge of character, just ask my husband. At first he was skeptical but through the years he has learn that 9 times out of 10 I'm right. Although I'll admit when I'm wrong. And honestly relieved when I am wrong. When I meet people they automatically start off on my inspection list. It's easy to pass but tough to redeem yourself if you fail. It's how I protect myself.

I guess you could say I'm a little paranoid but I grew up knowing the world was not safe. I've been burned pretty badly in the past (multiple times) and I don't have time for time wasters or jerks. Life is just too short to bother with people like that.

I really have no clue where this blog is going. I think maybe I should wrap up this little rant of mine. Thanks for letting me share!

Stay Classy FC!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stiletos and Giant Pink Rabbits

So I'm going to ignore the fact that it is Monday and transport myself back to Friday.

I went to the Fullerton Art Walk with my best friend, Jessica. It was her first one since she's been back home. It was a blast! We walked around the shops and bought some awesome hair accessories from local vender's. I think it's important to support the locals whenever possible.

But the highlight of the night was PAS and Hibbleton gallery. They are my favorite part of every art walk. I absolutely love all the art they feature. One artist paints little ninjas and woodland creatures. He was selling merchandise which of course neither one of us could pass up. We bought buttons with our favorite ninjas on them for a $1. After pinning them to our shirts we strolled on over to the wine table... at which we ran into the artist who paints the ninjas. Complements came flying from our mouths and he was excited to see such adoring fans.

Then all the way in the back of the gallery there was a photo booth with props! Turns out Jessica knew the people running it. We took picture after picture. One with fake mustaches, the other with crazy eye glasses! Wish I had them to show you but she's in the process of making copies for me. I'll post them once I get them.

Then we moved on over to the gallery next door and had more fun than anyone in there. I think people thought we were on drugs. Well anywhere we go people usually do. We have a lot of energy and it's not uncommon for us to get a few glances. Nevertheless, we always have fun.

The picture below is a piece of metal screwed into the floor to patch up a hole that was created by... and I quote "Someone with stiletos and a big ass broke my floor!" So much for trying to look sexy...

Stay Classy FC,


Sunday, March 6, 2011

How much does social networking affect to your lives?

My answer? Too much. Facebook has become a big part of my life. Whenever I turn on my computer, I check my emails and see all the notifications from Facebook. I, of course, go for them right after checking emails. You know, when you have many comments left on your status or on your pictures, you feel good, well at least not bad right? And we start leaving more comments underneath, expecting another comment from friends. Facebook is very addicting for me. Once I start chatting with friends on facebook, it takes at least an hour to be finished. I often play some games and compete with friends. I am so obsessed with it that I sometimes do not complete what I am supposed to do like doing homework or studying for exams.. even going to bed. Is it only my problem? I really hope not…

Koreans have our own social networking called Cyworld. Like Facebook or Twitter is the dominant way to be social or interact with other people in America, Cyworld is in Korea. Most Koreans have an account and add friends to be “friends” on Cyworld. Nateon, which is like MSN or Skype, is related to Cyworld as a connected messenger, so people can chat and also access to Cyworld at the same time.

Yes, both Facebook and Cyworld have become extremely important in my life for the fact that I keep in touch with friends here as well as ones in Korea. Social networking is very interesting and gives people a lot of advantages, but sometimes can be “poison.” What I want to say is that we have got to be more careful not to be too obsessed with it. I myself should be careful about it first. Haha

Tomorrow is Monday AGAIN, and I have exams tomorrow. I might not get plenty of sleep tonight, but I won’t be on Facebook as that might ruin my studying plan for tomorrow. I know most of you have been stressed out with school. But don’t forget, we have a month and a half till our spring break. Hang in there!

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great day

I had a great day today. First, my host parents had a birthday party for their friend at our house, so more than thirty people came over to our house to celebrate it. Because I had a ton of homework, and two tests were coming up for Monday, I went to the library in the morning and came back home around 3p.m. to enjoy the birt hday party a bit. Well, honestly for the food rather than the party, since the party was almost over at that time.

Second, my bible study group had a party at the student union center of Cal state Fullerton. We played free bowling, free pool, free ping-pong and had free pizza sponsored by the bible study group leaders. Since I love playing sports, I did pretty well on bowling and ping-pong. But I did horrible on pool because I kept letting the white ball go into the holes. My teammate kept complaining about me haha.

I just got back, and need to prepare for my exams on Monday after I finish an assignment for my Monday night class. I had been really busy with homework and exams, but am so glad I had so much fun today. Sometimes refreshing your mine might help you study better, so I recommend you to refresh yourselves a bit if you have been stressed out with school. Wish you all the best!

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lame Alert!

Ok so normally I don’t waste my time with things like this and it may turn out to be a COMPLETE waste of time. But what the hell, why not, right?

I love Facebook the way a fat kid loves chocolate cake, (btw I love chocolate cake too!) but sometimes I regret adding a few people. They are people from my past, ones I kicked out of my life for a reason. But since almost 10 years has passed I figured why not add them. I mean they took the time to hunt me down the least I can do is give them shot. Maybe they’ve changed… I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Although the activity they do on their page has no effect on me whatsoever, I still see it in my news feed. I guess I wouldn’t mind as much if it weren’t so hostile and negative.

They discuss fighting people and get into arguments with them. They talk like they’re big n tough and “will beat anyone down.” Ok that was quoted verbatim. I know right, it’s just sad. That entire attitude should have been left behind in high school.

We are no longer on campus trying to prove that we’re worth something. I don’t understand the mentality of being “macho”. Especially in women! I firmly believe people shouldn't take themselves that seriously. You wind up looking like an idiot when you do.

It's lame to post on Facebook that you want to beat someone up. What purpose does it serve to verbally harass someone on Facebook or beating them up for that matter? Personally I wouldn’t want to bring more aggravation to my life by harassing the person who hurt me.

But I know everyone is different. And I’ve taken enough psyche classes to recognize the reasons people act “macho”. Although I can’t help but pity them and hope one day they will wise up.

Well that’s my rant for the week. I realize it’s a bit on the lame side and kind of na├»ve. But when I see over 100 negative comments hanging off someone’s post I can’t help but wonder the purpose. I dunno maybe it’s just me…

Stay Classy FC,


Shopping for Condoms!

Because of my Human Sexuality class I have an assignment called "condoms". I have to go to a Drug Store or a Sex/Condom Store to do the assignment. There were plenty of options of where to go but I decided to go to a Sex Shop in Brea called 'Touch of Romance'. I did not want to go on my own and look like a weirdo hoovering over the condoms and writing down all this information about them by myself, so I forced my guy friend into coming with me. We went to breakfast this morning and then headed to Brea for our expedition. There is a total of six questions that were asked, but each question has multiple parts to it. I thought the entire experience would be awkward but it was actually completely opposite. It was really comfortable and actually kind of hilarious!

There are so many different kinds that I have never seen or heard of for that matter. The funny thing was that I was really there just doing research for homework and that is what it felt like. I think it was such a great learning experience for me. Not learning about the condoms but learning that I am mature enough to handle awkward situations where I am out of my natural element and can turn it into a positive and comfortable environment. I am so grateful that my friend went with me and helped me with my research. I think that is part of the reason it was not uncomfortable for me.

I am so content with him that nothing seems weird even if it is out of the ordinary. He just wants to see me succeed and if that means that he has to help me with something, especially like that, he is willing to do so. A lot of people do not get that lucky to have such great friends like that. I really do appreciate him going with me because he was the one reading all the labels and finding all the info that I needed. I was just the one writing everything down so I did not have to deal with the merchandise much.

Thank you so much to my dear friend!
Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber


So many awkward things have happened to me these last couple of days. I know this is probably going to sound really bad but it was hilarious and I really do not think that I can pass this up and put it away for safe keeping. I am a very funny person and sometimes I do the stupidest things. For example, I am taking Human Sexuality and I knew that I would be a few minutes late because I was talking with a friend and I was in no rush to leave and get to class. I ended up going to the restroom right before I went to class which made me a few extra minutes later than I would have been to begin with.

I get to class about seven minutes late, and when I walk in there is a picture of a penis and vagina on the white board and the title, "Why people do not like to use condoms". I walked in from the far back door just expecting to sit in my seat without even being noticed, however, as I walked in the Professor asked me that question. "Why do people not like to use condoms?" I just wanted to sit down as quickly as possible and before I could even think about it I was already saying something. It came out like word vomit, "Because it feels better without them!" She proceeded to write it on the board without hesitation and I took my seat. As soon as I sat down the guy in the seat next to me leaned over to me and said, "Hi, I'm Joe what's your name?" I was so embarrassed!!! I could not believe that I had just said that in a class of over one hundred students. I believe I just learned my lesson the hard way about punctuality. I will never again be late to that class!

I know it is Human Sexuality but I never thought that some of the guys in that class would be so creepy. Why would you introduce yourself to someone after that? It was so incredibly awkward. I am dreading going to class in the next hour because I really do not want "Joe" to sit next to me again. I think I will make sure to sit in between two girls today. Do not get me wrong the class is so much fun and I really enjoy the Professor she is hilarious, but creepers should not be allowed to take the class.

Well everyone...
Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber