Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Relationships...Yes or No???

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, what are your thoughts about relationships and the benefits or burdens they bring? According to researchers, good relationships are the single-most important factor in determining whether people would describe themselves as “very happy.” Researchers further state that people who are happier tend to be not only healthier, but also live longer.
But one may ask is this really true when looking at the divorce rates among couples, whether they have lived together prior to marriage or not. What are the real benefits of a relationship? Or are there any benefits? And how does one know who the right person really is, when looking at a long-term relationship?
These are all questions that run through most of our minds when dealing with relationships and whether or not they’re worth the time and energy. So what are some thoughts about relationships? What are the pros, and what are the cons?
Now for a twist, do you feel that social media has contributed to some of these issues? When one thinks about it people all over the world communicate through email, text messaging, Skype and a variety of other forms of social media. Look at internet dating, you learn about the person through a profile and picture that may or may not be current. How do we get to know each other without interacting, seeing them in person and observing body language? Or does it even matter?
Let me know your thoughts and opinions about relationships. Are they beneficial or a burden?
Until next time!
Joey McIntosh
“Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things.” – Keanu Reeves

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  1. What a fun and personal project for the students of Fullerton college! And of course dating and social relationships do seem to be a significant part of many people's college experiences.

    I would argue that social media has definitely impacted not only how we date but how we meet people. I've seen people meet on social networks who became life long partners, but other times the transparency of social media seems to complicate and stress relationships