Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween - Over but not forgotten

So I'm back for a second time today! I promised you Halloween photos. I'm terribly sorry they are late - It took me a while to hunt them down.

I do wish there were more photos of the decorations. My house looked like Halloween threw up on it. (Like that visual? You're welcome.) We had all the rooms decked out with horrifying scenes of murder and blood. Ouija boards and tarot cards lay out on tables for people to use if they dared. Floating crosses and images of death laid around every corner. We also streamed a montage of clips from about a million horror films. I heard some people got sick and had to leave the room.

On the morning of the big day my husband and I woke up at 7am and worked until 3:30pm on decorating the house. But it was worth it! The party was a smash hit with about 40 or so people. You know it was a great party when you have run out of all the alcohol and order 70 bucks worth of pizza by the end of the night. At 3am I bid our last guest farewell and safe travels. I was thankful for Sunday and the enormous amount of rest I got after working and partying hard.

For our first party in the new house I'd say I'm very happy with the turn out. I can't wait until next years.

I did not take them and I apologize for the blurry slide show you're about to see. By the way, I'm the one in the red wig stand next to Chuckie.

Stay Classy FC,

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  1. Whos house? Run's house!!!!! jk. Great website. Do you like it better than funny or die?