Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The End is Near!

It's almost time for finals. Are you ready to break out your notes from the last few months and study 'til you drop? I know I'm starting to gear up.

I see flashcards, eraser bits, and 0.5 lead pencils in my future. Not to mention the countless cups of coffee laying about the desk and the half eaten sandwich. Oh the joys of finals, it is the sure sign that you have gotten through yet another semester.

So the end of the semester is upon us, ready to be welcomed with open arms. I don't know about you but this semester flew by like a speeding train being chased by police. (Hmmm...are there police trains? Well if there isn't, there should be.) I can honestly say I have never experienced this in all my years of school. It feels as though I just blinked and poof November is here. Did any of you have the same experienced too? I hope so. Don't get me wrong I love to learn new things, but anything to help the pain of tests and homework is A-OKAY by me!

Speaking of the end of fall and the coming of spring. I checked out the course list for next spring and it's VERY bleak for me. I don't know if it's the same for you but it seems graduation will postponed longer than I had anticipated. Which is disheartening.

I covered a story for the Hornet touching on the subject of priority registration. I know Freshmen are struggling to get classes ( I remember my freshman year, it was difficult) but the main complaint I heard was "Why do students stay here so long, they should move on." It's a logical thought, why do they? Well for multiple reasons all ranging from money issues, their major and if they've changed it (like myself) and sometimes you're forced to drop classes (again like myself). All these things add to spending more semesters here at Fullerton. It's a shame but it's a fact. I'm not trying to bash anyone, just pointing out both sides to foreshadow the point I'm about to make...

which is...

I fear the budget cuts and lack of options for classes are going to be the main force in keeping students here. Never mind that some don't have money cause it won't matter if the courses aren't being offered. I have waited an entire year to take a class that was cancelled for this past spring. Only to find out it's not offered next year. I know this class is offered every other spring. And from what I understand a course can be canceled but must be brought back the following year. I say this with some conviction, I may need to double check my facts. But that's how it was explained to me. (Don't quote me on this.)

So I ask how can I move along without my courses? Trust me I want to move, I want to grow up and leave the college student life. I realize and understand with an open heart that the school is doing their best to offer the classes. The economy is tough, I know. But I want to graduate. And although I look forward to being here next spring, I'm a little sadden by it as well.

Regardless of the sadness I will continue with a smile on my face because I know every semester under my belt is another step towards graduating.

Stay Classy FC,

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