Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello everyone! I am the new Student Blogger and I am excited about this semester! My name is Serena and I am graduating and transferring (as long as I get in to a college somewhere!) in May!

I will be blogging as I finish up my time here at FC. For me its bitter sweet. I feel like I have made lots of friends, know a lot of the professors, and quite frankly I am a little intimidated about going to the big and scary university! But sometimes we have to face our fears.

About my blog, some of it will be inspirational, some of it informational, and sometimes I am completely random but I hope you will journey through with me for my last semester here! 

So tomorrow is a big event! Its Leap Year! Which happens every four years. I have always thought to myself, that kind of stinks for those born on the 29th because does that mean they only get a birthday every 4 years? But that also means they don't get any older right? Haha wouldn't that be nice? I realize this is not the case but thats the fun way I like to look at Leap Year. I also loved the movie Leap Year, yes I know its not an academy award type of a film, but I am a hopeless Romantic and enjoy a good comedy. So tomorrow I hope everyone enjoys this one in four year phenomenon., I plan on enjoying it at school, eating the chili and cornbread in the quad that they will have for us tomorrow! 

On that note though, HAPPY LEAP YEAR!


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