Monday, March 5, 2012

Did you know?

The weather for the last two days has been amazing. I played hookie from all responsibilities and enjoyed the lovely weather, and hope you all did as well.

My birthday was on Saturday, and if you didn't know this already, you can get a free boat trip with a registration on the Catalina express web page. It is a $70 boat ride that you can now enjoy for free on the day of your birthday. because I am not from California I like to take advantage of many things that you can take for granted if you have lived here all of your life. I was actually surprised at how many people have lived here so long and have not ever ventured out of the 10 mile radius of where they live. So if you haven't gone to Catalina Island, you can now go on your birthday and enjoy the beauty.

One thing I was not aware of when I decided to go and have an adventure on this island, was that you really can't be that spontaneous. I don't know about you guys, but with school, work, and life it seems like we have to schedule everything, and we do not leave much room for adventure and spontaneity. I feel like those moments keep me feeling care free and young and I love being able to just fly by the seat of my pants.
I had a really great time, but because it was my birthday I wanted to sleep in. The boat ride itself is an hour long, so leaving at 12:15 now put me getting to the island at 1:15. Well I was quite hungry and so this now put our activities having to start at after 2pm. I really liked the idea of kayaking because I haven't ever done that before, but my friend did not like that idea as much, so then we thought about para sailing. I got information that you could para sail for only $20 on your birthday. I was so excited when I saw the place and the lady informed me that they were booked solid for the next two days. Okay so then we thought lets go hiking, well they said that it started to get dark at 5, and again my friend seemed less then thrilled about the idea because all the hiking trails seemed like a full day needed to be planned. Well as we were eating, we looked up possible other tours, and because it is off season there is not as many tours so we missed our chance for that.
Don't worry though we still had fun, not what we had thought originally but we were able to go to the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens, which is also free on your birthday. It was beautiful and you could see faintly in the back ground, Mt. Baldy, which didn't get captured in the pictures because it was too far and faint. So the lesson I learned in this trip is that if you want to experience more you have to actually plan, and not fly by the seat of your pants.

Happy Monday everyone and remember to live life to the fullest and not let moments pass you by!


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