Friday, October 28, 2011

This is Halloween!

Halloween is upon us, just a few more days! I love Halloween and all the scary decor. Matt and I are hosting our infamous party this Saturday, (tomorrow). We went on a two year hiatus but now we're back and it seems friends are just as excited.

Matt is a genius when it comes to decorating. In the past he has turned my in-laws house into the most elaborate mazes fit to scare anyone. He recruits friends to dress up and scare those walking through. It's incredible. I truly have no idea how he does it. I'm just along for the ride. So this year the party is moving to our new home. It's been fun breaking out the skull heads and bloody body parts.

On Monday I came home to a corpse in the middle of the living room. Lemme explain. A few years back he built a Styrofoam coffin out of his parents old spa cover. Cut it to shape an above ground tomb complete with a cross. He then painted it gray and black, splashed red paint all over it and TA DA! Instant tomb.

Well now it has found its way into my living room. He has it surrounding our 70's coffee tables which have glass tops and underneath is a pile of skeletal remains. On top the tables lay a bundle of real dead red roses. In case you're wondering, yes in the dark it's VERY creepy. But I love it.

This is Halloween and in our family you go big or go home. I will take tons of photos tomorrow before the party and post them for you to see.

Until tomorrow!

Stay classy FC,

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