Monday, March 4, 2013

Marching for education…does it have an impact?

Today is a day where thousands of students from community colleges, Cal States and UC’s, faculty, classified personnel and members from the state Chancellor’s office marched in Sacramento from Raley field in west Sacramento to the State Capitol’s west lawn to voice their opinion and dissatisfaction with how legislatures are handling funding of higher education. Last year there were close to ten thousand people; the numbers have not been released, but I would anticipate a similar number again this year.
A question is raised every year and I think it would be interesting to hear what you have to say about this form of lobbying versus meeting with a local legislature in person. In my personal opinion I see the impact of each side, hosting a march or protest with thousands of people; as well as meeting with a local Assembly or Senate member.
Having thousands of individuals, such as students and faculty unite and march to the State Capitol says a lot. It allows for people to see that there are a large number of individuals who disagree with how our state government is handling funding of higher education and not making it a priority. Not to mention the media attention something of this magnitude will be receiving.
On the other side, I believe that although a march with thousands of people is great; follow-up with a student’s local Assembly or Senate member is a must. Many of the legislatures go about their daily routine while the march is taking place, yet when students take the time to meet with them that is where the true impact lies.
These are just my opinions, now I want to know what you think about the two scenarios. Which has a more significant impact, a march/protest or a personal visit?
Until next time!
Joey McIntosh
“There are many ways of showing your protest and discontent…” – Garry Kasparov

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