Friday, May 3, 2013

Are you ready?

The summer class schedule is online; hard copies are ready to go out on Monday to the bookstore shelves, registration dates sent out. Everything is coming together and hopefully many of you received a decent priority date, if you are planning to take a summer course(s). With so many classes to choose from, over 500, be sure to look at the dates carefully listed below the course because the dates and times are different, some have multiple start dates based on if the course will be offered more than once over the summer.

With so many start dates to choose from and decisions on how many classes to take over summer, or if some just plan on taking a long vacation; are you ready for summer? The semester is rapidly coming to a close, three weeks left, so before we know it finals, celebrations and graduation ceremonies will be here!

For those graduating and/or transferring this is one of the most exciting times for all of you, getting acceptance letters and moving on to the next phase of your lives. Those staying behind for another year or two taking a summer course or two may be a good idea to help speed up your transfer time. A little hint…is too be careful with online courses, if you are not the type of person to remember to do tasks/assignments without being reminded, one might want to consider taking the class on campus. Otherwise, online courses are a great way to keep your summer days open and nights to do homework or vice versa. However you decide to take a course be ready to hit the ground running and make sure to take time and enjoy some portion of the summer!

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“Goodbye text books, hello texting. Goodbye class rooms, hello beach. Goodbye sneakers, hello flip flops. Goodbye school, hello summer.”

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