Saturday, May 18, 2013

What is the meaning of a “Best Friend”?

Recently I have questioned what the true meaning of a best friend should be. Is it someone you talk to daily or frequently (several times a week)? A person who is there for you no matter what and willing to stick with you no matter what the circumstances, even if it meant modifying their schedule? Or is a best friend just another person you share more intimate thoughts and issues with, having no expectation except that of them listening to your troubles?

In my search for answers to this vague question through Google™ and other sources; each one has a similar yet different view on what a best friend should be. Some sources say it is a person you can talk to and share your most intimate secrets with without being judged and you doing the same for your friend. Others comment on how best friends are those who are always there for you no matter what, they will be by your side through all the storms that life throws at you.

Now this doesn’t all fall on the other person, it is a two way street where just as much as they put into the friendship, you too must do the same and be there for them; in the same way you expect them to be there for you. And sometimes circumstances will come up where a friend is going through a tough time and may not be able to give you 100%, but it’s how hard they try, in my opinion that counts.

Last month I received news of the death of someone I knew fairly well and it was a tough time for me. Unfortunately one of my best friends was sick and couldn’t really be there for me. The persons family decided to wait until June 1 to have a memorial service, knowing my best friend would be done with finals I asked them this week if they could come; instead I got a response of I have to work. Yet when I asked another friend they did not hesitate to take off work to go with me so I didn’t have to be alone.

This situation really made me think, are they really a true best friend or just an average friend you see once in a while when it’s convenient? I’ve struggled with this all weekend and yet to find an answer…if there even is one.

Until next time...

Joey McIntosh

“Learning to trust is one of life's most difficult tasks.” – Isaac Watts


  1. Hello, as I was scrolling down on facebook, I noticed the title of your blog, I've been questioning the same and after reading your blog I found my answer but I found a different point of view. The last sentence really got me thinking,and it's true is there even an answer to that question..

  2. I'm glad it was helpful and it does make one think...out of curiosity, from what point of view did you find your answer? Wondering if it would work in my situation above.