Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And it's only Tuesday...

So I gotta make this quick, I'm using company time to write it. To start, just a quick recap of the weekend...

My weekend was busy crazy! Friday night I joined a friend for a drink to celebrate her new internships. Then I went to review the movie 'Killer Elite' - check out the review:

Wow, that's a gnarly link!

On Saturday I spent the day with my mom at the Brea Jazz Festival. I covered the last day for the paper and wrote my review. Although I had fun, it seemed pointless to cover the last day. I mean if someone reads the review and decides they'd like to go - they can't! I chuckle inside every time I think about it.

Sunday I had lunch with a friend, went grocery shopping and took my math quiz online. Pretty mellow day altogether.

As for this week, so far its started out good; then turned slightly bad but it's picking back up. It's been interesting considering it's only Tuesday.

In comparison to last week when I whined and complained about not having a good balance. I decided to turn it all around, otherwise known as just shut up and get it done! And I surprisingly had an excellent productive weekend. Which spilled over into Monday where I completed my math homework for the week, making room to study for my exam on Friday. I nearly finished all my tasks at home as well, (bye bye chores). Yay me!

The only bad news is my company had a broad meeting over the weekend where the dreaded budget talk took place. And to be honest it's not looking good my friends. This time next year I may be out of a job. It all hangs on how well our 2012 Vancouver Meeting brings in them dolla dolla bills. We're assuming the worst since the meeting is out of the country. Apparently in the past they never do well profit wise. But my fingers are crossed and my ears are open for new work prospects. In the meantime I'm just going to keep working and stay positive.

Can I just say how much I hate the economy. It's hard to hear what people are going through and to see a lot of my friends out work. So far I've been able to hang on during this tough time. I started budgeting all my money and learned to shop smart. But my fingers are slowly losing their grip. I have to admit I'm a little scared.

How has this horrendous economy effected your life?

Stay classy FC,

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