Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Good Balance

Happy Friday everyone!!

So would you believe that I actually forgot why I began writing this in the first place? I was so focused on trying to focus my thoughts that I lost it.
Well dear friends this is what I call my "school brain". During the semester I become an overly-selfish-tunnel-visioned-monster that, quite frankly, people have been known to avoid me until the semester ends. I think my issue is finding a good balance between school and my life. The "school brain" I believe is a product of my bad time management skills.

It's a tough challenge to find a good balance between work, school and play. I often find myself procrastinating on certain things because I'm exhausted trying to find a balance. Every week is different for me as my husband, Matt, night schedule changes so often. So he may work this Friday (and he does) but might not the following Friday. I rarely get to see him so when he's off I spend my time with him. But when I do my school work suffers because as we all know to succeed in school you NEED a routine schedule.

It's exhausting taking care of our house and still finding time to do homework before he has a night off. I'm pretty much responsible for the welfare of our home. Don't get me wrong he does help, especially when he sees I'm struggling to keep up. But for the most part yours truly does the work. Except picking up after the dogs. YUCK! I'm sorry but that's a man's job. If women are supposed to be in charge of baby diapers, then men can pick up after MAN's best friend.

Another wrench is when I need to cover an event for the Hornet. That can set me back and mess up my schedule completely. (But I love reporting so I don't mind too much.)

I realize my life kind of revolves around Matt's schedule but I love him and it's important for married couples to spend time together. Otherwise the possibility of growing apart becomes a higher risk. Oh marriage! Now that's a whole other Oprah... maybe I'll tell you about it next week if I'm up for it.

So to get to the point, if anyone has advice for a well rounded balanced schedule - I'm all ears. Feel free to call me Dumbo.

Also I'm interested in knowing what the biggest challenge is for you. So what is it? I triple dog dare you to share it.

Stay classy FC,
Janet aka Dumbo

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