Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Today I started a daily mood log. I've never felt the need to log my moods until recently. Life is stressful and my motivation has dropped significantly. I always hate complaining because I know someone out there is worse off than I am in life. You know that saying, your life isn't so bad, some people don't.... (fill in the blank). Yeah you've heard it a million times since you were two. "Some kids don't have food so eat your veggies." Queue the eye rolling and Fido conveniently under the table.

Side note: How many of you actually fed what you didn't want to the dog? I had a hamster so I was lucky enough to eat all my food. Yum yum.

Anyway...These are my struggles and regardless of anyone else; my life will never be happy unless I make it happy. No one is going to do that for me (which is why I need a pill, duh), so therefore comparing my life to others is useless. I don't feel better when I know a person is worse off then me. In fact it makes me feel even worse for two reasons. One, I feel bad for complaining. And two, I want to help them but usually can't because I lack the resources. So I'll just keep complaining.

So back to my mood log. The main reason for tracking my moods is I started taking a supplement, good ol' St. John's Wort. No idea if this stuff actually works. So... the only way to see if it does is by tracking my moods. Ta Da!

(Yummy yellow flowers smashed up into a happy pill!)

In a small way I feel a little weird telling you I need a happy pill. But this is the life of a full time working, married, college student. Hey at least I'm not turning to the other stuff I see sold on the street corners. But if anyone knows where I can get some drop me a line. I kid, I kid. That stuff will kill you. Better to turn to the over the corner stuff the stores sell, cause nothing they offer can harm you.

The older you get the demands just pile on. Especially when you're 26 and should be graduated with your BA in whatever the heck it is you think you'll be. Gotta love the family for piling on the extra pound of pressure to your already stressful life. Mmmm makes me feel so happy.

I know they mean well, just annoying sometimes. I'm not sure I want to keep you posted on my daily mood log. Suppose I should now that I've told you about it. I'll let you know in a few weeks if I feel a difference or not.

Fingers crossed!

Stay classy FC,

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