Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Word of the day: Blocked

A writer's worst nightmare is of course writer's block. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting alone starring at a blank screen while the blinking cursor mocks you. That darn cursor ticks like a second hand on a clock forever reminding you that you're on deadline and time is running short. Whoever said the cursor must blink on the infinite white screen certainly wasn't a writer.

(Was it you Bill? Yeah I thought so...)

Through the year I have tried to find the courses of my writer's block without prevail. I've found it's like a virus striking at a moments notice. There is no stopping it and seldom is there a cure besides spending precious time trying to gain some inspiration. Making a sandwich usually helps. Don't ask me why, it's just the way it works.

That brings us to my current situation. As you are reading this I am sitting on a story for the Hornet which could potentially be amazing.But alas my poor little mind is inflected. Luckily I have some time, not much mind you. But it's just enough to get the creative juices flowing. And with some luck my story will in on time thus putting a cute little smile on my editor's face.

(Inspiration mode: It only looks like I'm sleeping.)

I was talking with a friend (yep that's you Franny), she's a former Titan, last week about my writing and why lately I've been at a stand still. She mentioned that I may have lost my writing voice and I need to find it again.

(I'm right there with ya kid.)

I lost it? Did I leave it at the checkout counter? Should I look in the lost in found amongst the smelly hoodie jackets and the kid toys? I had no idea it just hitched a ride somewhere without telling me when it'll be back. Pssh, what a jerk.

Well it looks like I've got my work cut out for me today. I need to start in on this article for the paper, find my lost voice where ever it is and maybe get some work done while I'm actually at work. Guess I should get started. Wait, think I'll eat lunch first. Food fixes EVERYTHING!

Stay classy FC,


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