Friday, October 14, 2011

Its a live post today.

As I write this I'm sitting at a table with my journalism advisor and fellow writers from the Hornet waiting to attend the Journalism Association of Community Colleges conference.
It's so great to not be at work! I feel like a real student. Yay!

The air is stirring with chatter and excitement. There are students from all over California here today.
Some students are here to compete in writing, photography and broadcast writing competitions.

My husband asked if I was going to compete. My reply... I'm too chicken. Plus I hadn't prepared.

Oops its about to start. Ill keep you posted!

So I'm back!
Just listened to April Corbin from the Vegas Sun talk about feature writing. She was very enlightening and thorough in her explanations. She gave me tips on how to strengthen my writing. I'm so excited to try them out. One tip is to go to a public place and just write 300 words on what I see. Brilliant! Never thought of that!

I love being amongst other journalism  students. I found they're having the same issues as me with news writing. It's so nice to hear I'm part of a norm.

I'm the kind of person who needs to feel part of a community. So I'm completely in heaven at this conference.

Ill be back. But now its the dos and fonts of landing a job!

That was the most entertaining talk on how to land a job. I did get some insight and hopefully I can apply it. I will post sometime this weekend the 50 buzz words that should not be on your resume for you. It will change your resume completely!

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