Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Defining Free Speech...What is It???

What is free speech? How far can one go with their words and what is said before it crosses that invisible line? And furthermore, who decides when that line has been crossed? Recently in trying to help an individual out with a service, they did not like my response and that I would have to verify with a supervisor about the situation. The person proceeded to say some things that I cannot repeat here, however, it turned out that although this person caused the issue a complaint was filed against me. And they may receive assistance despite their actions. Odd I know, and so when it raised a question to me as to when do you defend yourself versus just being a doormat so to speak when being yelled and cursed at?
I’ve been told by some that you just need to have tough skin because of your position and people will try to say things just to get a reaction out of you. Others have told me that I need to use a resolution conflict approach and reach out to them, gain an understanding of what is really causing them to react in such a manner. Which is the right approach? Does one base it on how aggressive an individual is or the specific comments made or should there be a blanket guideline? How would you respond to someone cursing at you because they did not meet the required guidelines, and then find out that they will more than likely receive that service despite how they treated an individual? And knowing had a response similar to the one given be done, the person in the position who was trying to provide help would receive more of a reprimand than the instigator. Is this considered fair and a proper representation of free speech; which is supposed to be equal to all?
Until next time!
Joey McIntosh
“In terms of free speech, there are questions…” – Dagens Nyheter

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