Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How I got Dumped, Hired and Changed in a Day

My name is Nora Matti and i'm tired of being invisible. I just graduated from Fullerton Union High School where I was involved in Speech and Debate, the Honors program, water polo and etc. However, I never stood out. I was that kid in high school that was "there" but no one remembers at reunions.   Nonetheless, I graduated Fullerton High School with a 4.2 GPA and packed my bags for BU.  Unfortunately, BU only turned out to be a fantasy.
I couldn't afford BU’s tuition and was shoved into the community college system. I had successfully moved 400 yards from the place I had been invisible for the past four years. You could imagine my excitement! I swore I would stop being invisible and started being seen. This summer, I upgraded my personality, clothes and confidence from a nerd high school student to the girl everyone wanted to talk too.
         Today, that nerdy high school girl came out. My current relationship ended with one of the most famous romance comedy movie lines, "it’s not you it’s me". Although I didn't realize it then, he was the first guy I really cared about in years. The end of our relationship marked the beginning of facing my feelings. That high school nerd always dated people she didn't care about because she didn’t want to get hurt. I've come to realize that living a life without love isn't really living at all. I wasn't in love with that guy but my emotional walk from our break up conversation taught me to never become that high school nerd again.  
          Weeks earlier, my political science professor recommended that I represent the school through blogging. I hadn’t given it much thought because I was happy working on my former relationship. However, the moment it ended, I could help myself but thinking about the blogging position. I took the chance to turn my bad day into a great day. I want to use my blog to tell the stories of Fullerton College’s bravest students.
          I walked on to Fullerton College’s campus with an attitude of superiority and pride. I thought Fullerton College was home to the community’s "losers". I came to realizes that I was the true community "loser". Fullerton College is more than a place you can get a cheap education, it’s were people struggle to overcome all odds to get an education. The Fullerton College students come from all walks of life. I’ve met single mothers, veterans, recovering addicts and etc. I hunger to use my blog to show the false misconception that Fullerton College is home to losers.
Please feel free to contact me and tell me your story.
Nora Matti 

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