Thursday, October 4, 2012

Which one is more scary? You be the judge...

If you haven’t stopped by the Student Affairs office (Bldg, 200, Room 223 above the cafeteria/dining hall) I would encourage you to do so. The decorations are amazing and you feel like you are at Knott’s or Universal Studios Halloween Haunt, beware you may get scared and leave screaming! You can also buy discounted tickets to both Knott’s and Universal Haunt events as well as other theme parks and movie tickets. But stop by and take a look at their decorations, you will be impressed…if you’re lucky they may even turn off the lights for you to get the full Haunted House effect!
Just a brief update that we as students need to be proactive in advocating for adequate funding for higher education to our local state Assembly members and Senators. If you are not familiar with them I would encourage everyone to find out through the California website. Students can meet with Assembly members and Senators who represent the area within Fullerton College; however, it is more effective to target those where you live since that area is where they will be running for re-elections. And it doesn’t mean that students need to go in person, although it helps, a phone call, email or letter talking about your personal struggles with getting classes or the time it will take to graduate or transfer can make an impact. According to some of the Assembly member’s staff I have met with, one phone call to that office represents 100 of the Assembly or Senators constituents and they encouraged me and those in attendance to have students call and write letters, if they want to see a change.
Here is a link that was recently posted by FC on Twitter regarding the impact budget cuts are taking on students and their ability to graduate and/or transfer.,0,4815212.story.
Until next time!
Joey McIntosh
“If we have to look at new revenues, so be it. The fact is, higher education in general doesn’t have a lot of advocates out there pounding on the table. We have to do a better job. But getting people to get out and advocate and stand up and take some hits and confront may be hard to do sometimes.” – James Huffines

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