Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween is coming!!!

Well Monday is almost over and I hope most were able to catch up on their homework and studies this past weekend and still manage to have some fun. I can say I definitely did the latter, although not as much catching up on homework as I would have liked, but that’s okay (I think…lol). In my last post on Saturday I mentioned I was going to Universal Studios Haunt night and WOW! It was amazing! A lot better than what I was expecting, so glad I went with the group I did too. The people you bring are critical to having a super fun time. I had more fun watching most of my friends get scared and scaring them.
Two memorable moments were at the end of the night walking out there were a large group of clowns with chainsaws, well I pointed to one of my friends, who is super afraid of clowns, and he went right up to her chasing her in a circle for what seemed like forever; until she took off running ahead of us. We could not stop laughing and to top it all off when she looked back the clown pointed at her and laughed so his shoulders shook up and down. It was hilarious!
The second moment was when we first arrived we went straight to the Transformers ride. You have to picture a couple of the girls were already on edge before we even went into any mazes or interacted with the monsters; so we enter the line and I make comment to the worker at the front to make sure he radios ahead to scare this group of girls. As we walk through the line I joke with another cast member and mention that the guy at the front said he was the one to talk to and make sure the girls got scared especially good, this guy played along and acted like he was talking to someone about it and everything. By this point we are quite a bit further in line when a friend and I noticed him (although we didn’t recognize him right away) standing against a wall, well as the group of girls passed him he jumped out and screamed causing the girls to jump and scream; myself and others in line who didn’t get scared were laughing are butts off! I would say I felt bad, but I really didn’t even with one of the girls almost in tears. The best part was when I looked up from laughing the cast member was gone.
So needless to say I had a great time Saturday night at Universal Studios and really recommend going with a fun group of friends, be sure to take a few guys/girls who scare easy to make it super fun!
Until next time!

Joey McIntosh
“... you stink of fear under that cheap lotion. You stink of fear Will, but you're not a coward. You fear me, but still you came here. You fear this shy boy, yet still you seek him out. Don't you understand, Will? You caught me because we're very much alike. Without our imaginations, we'd be like all those other poor... dullards. Fear... is the price of our instrument. But I can help you bear it.” – Hannibal Lecter, Red Dragon (2002©)

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