Saturday, December 7, 2013

Finals are looming.

And yet I’m finding it really difficult to focus on, you know, actually studying and getting my work done, and all that stuff.

Fortunately, I already took one final yesterday and one online ages ago, so I only have one final this week plus a group project/presentation due Friday. Guess which one I find more difficult.

The worst part is that it’s for a class that’s all about small group dynamics. I’ve learned a lot about them in theory, and it does make sense-- communication really is the key to everything, and most people abhor group projects for that exact reason. This also means that the usual excuses where group projects are concerned won’t be acceptable at all. My dad swears it’s, like, an essential life ability, but it’s difficult for me to take it seriously in a class setting. Since I want to be an urban planner, there’s going to be a lot of “group work” in my future, but I think that’s different. In a professional field, I’m sure everyone will be on roughly the same page in terms of knowledge about the subject and general goals, and that’s definitely a start. I think.

In any case, our project is on media as communication and I’ve sort of taken that in the direction of media representation, since that’s something I’m totally interested in. It’s a subject that’s so hard to break down into a small research paper-- which we, collaboratively, have to write-- because it’s so nebulous and a lot of things that seem basic to me (feminism 101, you might say) have to be explained and put in context before I can move onto my actual argument.

That said, I’ve discovered-- or rediscovered, in this case-- some really interesting documentaries in the process of researching my topic. I’ve watched Killing Us Softly for three different classes now and while I don’t agree with everything Jean Kilbourne says-- she seems to really take issue with plastic surgery and skinnier body types and I think that gets a little weird, but that’s a completely different story-- I think it’s a really fantastic breakdown of how advertising influences us socially. Each time I watch it, it has a different impact on me.

It’s only 45 minutes long, and regardless of whether or not you’re interested in it, you should watch at least part of it! Mainly because media influences all of us in ways we don’t really expect, and it’s good to be aware of that influence.

Here it is, for your convenience:

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