Friday, December 27, 2013

Individual lines of development

So we have identified our four important life areas. We can now break down the broad categories of the quadrants into individual lines of development.

Individual-Exterior, body:

Health & fitness

Maintaining, enhancing, and restoring our health, vitality, and well-being. 



Diet & nutrition

Learning and practicing the principles of healthy eating. 



Exercise & activity

Learning the principles of effective exercise, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Collective-Exterior, mind:

Education & skills-building

Obtaining the education and training we need to attain our goals.



Career & calling

Choosing a career, and working to become successful at it.



Finances & investments

Creating and maintaining the financial resources we need to stay comfortable and to support us in our life's path.

Collective-Interior, spirit:

Relationships & marriage

Building intimate relationships that are loving, enriching, and encourage growth. 



Sexuality & sensuality

Developing an intimate, meaningful, and fulfilling sexual relationship. Learning to appreciate the sensory experiences of the world we live in.



Family & children

Creating a strong, loving family and raising children who are happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.



Friendships & community

Developing strong, mutually-supportive communities, and establishing healthy friendships.



Society & culture

Contributing to and helping to create a healthy, just society and an enriching culture.

Individual-Interior, self / shadow:

Spirituality & personal development

Working to grow as a person, become more conscious, and attain higher stages of development.



Emotional processing & psychological health

Establishing, maintaining and enhancing our psychological health and emotional stability.



Values & worldview

Considering our philosophical positions on what is most important to us.

This breaks down the four important life areas into individual lines, so that we can refine our efforts more precisely.

Here's a cartoon.


Dave Roel.

We are the fruit of our past and we are the architects of our future.
- Matthieu Ricard

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