Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top 5 Psychedelic Bands

1.Pink Floyd- I am a gigantic Pink Floyd fan. When people think of Floyd they generally are reminded of the cover of Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall. I like to make it clear to people that when I talk about Pink Floyd I'm referring to the old material when the main creative force Syd Barrett was around. They are pioneers of space rock which is a sub-genre that includes many alien and robotic sounds to make the music trippy.

2. The Incredible String Band- This group is my favorite band. My reasoning for this is their very eclectic style was always changing throughout their active years. The band's creative minds are Robin Williamson and Mike Heron. This band isn't considered psychedelic in a traditional sense, but for the people that know psychedelic music, they are considered to have a psychedelic flavor.

3. Spacemen 3- This has definitely got to be one of the strangest names on this list. Spacemen 3 is a group from the late 1980s that specialize in having almost all their songs blend into one another and using very complex synthesizers and electronics to create their sound. The members went on to start other groups such as Spiritualize and E.A.R. (Experimental Audio Research)

4. 13th Floor Elevators- The leader of this band, Roky Ercikson, coined the term psychedelic rock in 1963. They are considered one of the first psychedelic bands to ever have existed. They're from Austin, Texas. They achieve their psychedelic sound by having one guy with a microphone make trippy noises into a bucket. Other groups that Roky Erikson started were, Bleib Alien, Roky Erickson And the Aliens, and he also recorded an album with Okkervil River.

5.Animal Collective- Animal Collective is probably the most mainstream and only band on this list that is still actively making music. They create some of the most beautiful sounds acoording to the psychedlic listeners, but can be considered hard to listen to by people that aren't familiar with the genre.

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