Thursday, March 6, 2014

Job vs. School?

          I recently started a part-time waitressing job, and since it's at a cafe type place, the hours are definitely unusual. Once I had a shift start at 9 PM and end at 1:30 AM (3-4 hour shifts are typical there, but most of them are 6-7 hours). I did have school the next day, but I slept right through the alarm. The place I work at gets crazy busy, we get people quitting left and right because they can't deal with the chaos. It's slow around dinner rush and picks up at around 10 and we get a waitlist out the door. We're a tiny little teahouse and dessert place, so people coming so late is a common occurrence. 
           Anyways, I had class at 8 AM the next morning and since Fullerton is a twenty minute commute from where I live and I had to give an extra fifteen minutes for parking and getting to class on time, I had to wake up at 7 AM by the latest and that's if I basically just roll out of bed and put on a sweater, which I did not want so I set the alarm for 6:30. 
          Yeah, I missed my alarm. All three of them too and I ended up waking up at 10 AM and thinking "what year is it..."
           I ended up dropping that class. I talked to my manager at work to schedule earlier hours and she fixed the schedule so that I could leave work at 10 PM, but sometimes it would get so busy around then that my supervisors would ask me if it was okay for me to stay a half hour, and I would always figure "well, can't hurt it's just half an hour". But it wouldn't slow down and they'd ask me to stay another half an hour and I would think "well I'm here already anyways might as well" and then I'd miss the next day's class. So yeah, couldn't do it. 

           I feel a little disappointed in myself, a little like I chose work over school, but the pressure at work was kind of like...I felt like all my coworkers (who were all around the same age range as me) had no problem getting 3 hours of sleep and going to class and going back home to nap until late afternoon. Yeah I can't function like that. I need 8 hours, and I hate naps. I mean I love naps they feel great but they mess up my sleeping schedule, so I hate them. 
           MAN IT'S JUST SO HARD You're a college student so you need money but you need to go to classes and get credits and transfer/graduate but it's not like you're in class 24/7 so you have more than enough time for a job but then it gets in the way of your schoolwork and it's like
           Do you guys know what I mean? Or is it just me? This is my first job, and so far I'm loving it because I get to interact and talk to the customers and some of them write things on the receipts like "thanks for the great service" and "have a good night joy" even though I just met them an hour ago. It's great, I love working there. But the late nights and the juggling everything else...definitely a battle. 

 Joy ☼

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