Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dapper Day

So this past Sunday was Dapper Day and Disneyland. I'd never been to a Dapper Day event before and I hadn't been to Disneyland in over a year (plus my friend who works there offered to sign me in), so it seemed like a good time to go! Basically, on Dapper Day, people dress up, erm, nicely? Most people took this to mean 1920s/50s style.

And as you might imagine, some peoples' interpretations of "dapper" were... interesting.

There were a LOT of girls in really nice dresses. And a lot of incredibly well-dressed guys in suspenders and slacks. On the other hand, there were also a lot of guys who looked like aspiring frontmen of ska bands.

Just swap the Hawaiian shirt for a vest and the pinstripe shorts for pants.

Somebody who was very confused by all this asked if we were having a "rockabilly convention, or something."

Still, it was pretty fun. Especially because my friend had major hookups. Her coworkers kept giving us things-- fast passes, line skips, decent seating for Fantasmic, coupons for churros and hot chocolate. On top of it, she can get up to three people into the park on any given day and gets discounts for the restaurants there. So in other words, her coworkers got us to the front of the line in Pirates of the Caribbean, and then gave us coupons for hot chocolate to drink while watching Fantasmic.

What I'm saying is, work at Disneyland. Or befriend somebody who does.
(But to be clear, I'm not advocating that you use somebody for their Disneyland benefits)

Also, Indiana Jones? It got updated, at least just a little. The change is at the beginning, and it's only a slight difference, but it's a terrifying one.

Stay classy,

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