Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Boy That Became a Man

            I’ve always heard that a man never becomes a man until he becomes a Dad. I never believed that till I met Rick. Rick was a high school jerk that became an adult when his high school girlfriend became pregnant.  Although his girlfriend’s family and Rick’s family has known each other for years, it wasn’t until Rick walked into a party during their senior year that he noticed her. The music wasn’t loud enough to drown out their conversation. She fell in love with his sensitivity and he fell in love with her charm. It wasn’t long till she was pregnant with their daughter and they we’re forced to get married.
            The external pressure from Rick’s family to be a great father, provider and partner was too much to handle. As a result, the first two years of their marriage were unbearable. He was always picking fights with his wife and storming off. The tipping point of their marriage was the birth of their second child, a son. Rick was twenty years old and a father to two healthy children; he finally realized that his wife wasn’t the problem but his partner. He told her that he promised to spend the rest of his life making up for the first two years of their marriage. The promise he made to his wife transformed his life. Thankfully, once he changed his behavior, his life turned for the better. For example, Rick was promoted to be the manger of a construction firm which gave him the desperate financial push that he needed to provide for his family.
            Rick came to Fullerton College with an unfinished dream. When Rick was growing up, all he wanted was to get a college degree. He loves learning and wasn’t able to go to school because he had to work while his wife went to school! Although he has a family and a stable job, he wanted to prove to his kids that’s it’s never too late to live your dream! In two semesters, Rick will be a part of Fullerton College’s Class of 2013. He’s taught his children and me that you aren’t given a dream without the power to accomplish it.  It might take 20 years to accomplish your dream but it can still happen. 

-Nora Matti

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