Friday, November 30, 2012

Make your time count

It is important for us as individuals and a society to make sure every moment we spend counts. I remember hearing at a graduation ceremony a student ask, if each person had a bank account that each day received a deposit of $86,400 what would you do with it. How would you spend it? And anything left over or unused would be discarded, none would carry over. The person went on to say that we are given 86,400 seconds a day to use as we wish. To laugh, cry, be depressed, angry, stressed, joyful, anything we want. Regardless, everyday we are given time, something one can never add too.

There have been a lot of situations happening in my life that are making me re-evaluate and prioritize. Not to long ago I found out a family member has several medical issues, one being lung disease which will shorten their lifespan tremendously. And just yesterday night I found out that another family member was diagnosed with Colon cancer and is in the advanced stages. They are going for tests next week; however, even the best case scenario is 2-3 years and worst case if it’s too advanced, 2-4 months. Sadly one of the family members missed out on a lot of time with myself and other family members, we all realize this and know time cannot be replaced, but moving forward we can make the best out of the time we do have.

So if there is someone out there who you may have been meaning to talk to or do something with, don’t wait or allow past incidents to hinder things. Obviously if they are unwilling to talk about why there has been avoidance there’s no need to push it. At least make an effort to make amends and spend time with those close to you, family and/or friends, since we never know what life may throw at any of us next.

Until next time!

Joey McIntosh

“Anytime people are in very extreme circumstances, dealing with life and death and dealing with survival I think we can find truth in those moments.” – Matthew Fox

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