Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

So I have realized that the "norm" for this blog is not doing it on Wednesdays anymore like I used to! But at least I am now consistently late with the blog!

This has been a great week. First, because I am done with finals and I hope you guys that are also stressing about finals are close to being done. Next, a loved one returned from Afghanistan which is truly exciting, and now my parents are in town for my graduation. And last night I finally got a full night of sleep. I woke up quite a bit, but I am pretty sure I slept more than 6 hours!

In January I had to go to the Emergency Room, and I have been trying to fight the bills for that since then too, and I got a letter saying that my last efforts of trying to apply for the assistance program brought my balance to zero!

Okay so that's all my good news this week and I am sure it's really not blog worthy but I couldn't help it because I am just so thankful, and this helps my stress decrease, which in turn probably helps me sleep.

So as we enjoy this weekend, figure out the small things that make you feel truly blessed and thankful. I know I am guilty of focusing on some of the negative in my life, but there is so much beauty and positive things in my life which is what I need to be thinking about. Trying to keep positive through the muck is what I think has made me a hopeful person. As I was leaving a loved one who I hope can attend my graduation, I mentioned it to him again, and he told me "you are such a hopeful person, a positive thinker." Well I am not sure if he meant it in a good way but I took it as a compliment. It is why sometimes I have been really disappointed and hurt because I keep my hopes up and sometimes it does not work out, but my spirit is one thing that will always bounce back and remain high. I hope in life that people can learn to do that. We have enough negative thinkers out there. Some of them really do not like it when people are hopeful and have high spirits. People have often tried to rain on my parade before. If people are not happy they do not like others being happy. That saying "misery loves company" well it is true. So this weekend I encourage you guys not to be the one to spread misery but the ones to spread hope.

Don't be afraid to be hopeful!


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