Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day

I realize that I am a day late on the whole May Day Business. As a young kid I loved May Day. I have not heard people doing this but when I was little, we would prepare baskets full of candy, which were usually handmade, and we would go to our friends houses, run up to the porch, ring the doorbell and try and get away before they saw who it was. I do not remember what we did when we got caught or caught them before getting away. It was fun and I loved doing it and loved seeing these little baskets with my name on them waiting for me on our porch. Did you guys do that when you were little?

Today though I decided to look up what the history behind May Day is. In my research I discovered that it is not a holiday that many in America celebrate. I found a lot of great information, but I love research so I won't try and bore you all with all the research I found. In different countries it represents different things, and some may celebrate with May Day poles that you may have seen decorated with lots of vibrant colors of fabric.

In my research though I found that it was also the beginning of an 8-hour work day. This all was quick research so I didn't back up my resources and check for validation, but I found that interesting. We take for granted the fact that if we work more than 8 hours we have to get paid overtime, when it was not always the case.

One thing, and this is a random thought, but I love research because you find out so much useful and also USELESS information. But I love being able to find information about things that some may know nothing about.

For myself I am just happy it is finally May for many reasons. I know this month is going to fly by. For those of us graduating from Fullerton College, it is a month full of figuring out which colleges we are going to attend (I got my first acceptance notice and now waiting to hear from some others), full of awards banquets, graduation notices, finals, and anticipation of our next step in this journey we call life. I am excited and scared about this next chapter in my life. But I am excited mostly because my parents are coming to my graduation and I have not been able to see them for over 2 years. Also I have someone special in my life coming back after a long tour overseas. So yes, I feel like celebrating that it is finally MAY! Even though I have no May baskets left on my porch I feel like celebrating! I wonder if we are ever really too old to celebrate the things we did as a kid. Who wants to relive our childhood and do the May baskets again? I think it would make me feel so happy if I had one waiting for me. How about this, I will bring you one if you bring me one!

Remember to make someone smile today, and never be too grown up to be a kid every once in awhile.

Happy May Day (a day late!)


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