Saturday, May 19, 2012


So I realize that I have been posting later and later than I normally do, but this week on top of school I got scheduled 37 hours at work and feel like I am a little forgetful!

So does any one else struggle with insomnia? Some days, weeks, and months I can sleep like nobody's business! But then I get into an insomnia stretch and life is difficult. I am tired, and will want to sleep but no matter what I do I can not fall asleep, and if I do it's like for a short period of time. I am really tired right now, and I did a dumb thing because of being tired the other day. I was driving to work from school and I was so zoned out I almost missed the freeway I needed to be on, and then from being so zoned out, I was driving and didn't see the ambulance behind me and did not pull over! I felt so bad! This is when you know you need sleep, rest, or quite frankly a day off!  Between work and school I have realized that I have not had a day off since Spring Break and so I am quite thankful that summer will be here soon, and I want to take a break!

Do you guys have any summer plans? I am not taking summer classes, but will be doing some stuff for my transition from Fullerton College to UCI. But I also want to try and visit my sister who lives in Seattle, because she is having her baby in June. Other than that I think maybe some time at the beach, hanging with friends, and relaxing is in order.

I am going to go off on a tangent here, so forgive me. But do any of you have Pinterest? Well I have had my account and just now have figured out how to install the pinterest button on my web browser! I am so excited, now let the pinning commence! I wasn't pinning as much because I couldn't figure it out. I think it is so crazy how we can get so interested in something such as Pinterest. But people find really interesting things and it's a very easy way to find how to do things, or interesting things and share it with people. Also you can steal people's pins that seem of interest to you. Okay let me reword that, you can repin it...stealing is not nice! haha! Okay now that I am distracted by pinning and need to get off the internet so that I can be productive, I am going to end it here. It's early and I have lots to do before work as long as I can not let my insomnia affect my day again!

So sleep well for me friends, since I can't seem to do that for myself! But have a funtastic weekend! (Yes, I realize funtastic is not a word, but it should be!)


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