Thursday, September 26, 2013

Daily Playlist

All over campus people have earbuds in. I see music as a vital part of college life. Music is what get's me through the day. I ride my bicycle to school everyday and music is something I simply cannot do without. Here's a list of 6 songs that get me through the day.

1. The song I wake up to everyday is entitled "At the Bottom of Everything" by Bright Eyes. The song conveys a message that the problems of modern America, but since you can't change them you have to deal with them as best as you can.

2. On my way to school I like something to help me ride as fast as I can. A perfect song for this is "It Feels Alright" by Black Lips. This song is fueled by it's grungy garage rock sound with psychedelic flavor added in.

3. After my first class on monday when the sun hasn't quite emerged through the clouds I like to listen to "Just Another Diamond Day" by Vashti Bunyan. This song has a beautiful flute intro and Vashti Bunyan's voice has an angelic quality to it that is superb.

4. Before I head to my Chorale class I like to relax with a litle bit of the German Psychedelic/industrial band named Can. The song I like to listen to is "Vitamin C". If you look for a meaning in the lyrics you will not find one because the lead singer's lyrics are often improvised.

5. At any point in the day I will listen to the song "Gently Tender" by The Incredible String Band. They are my personal favorite. The song connects the two themes of love and Mother Earth.

6. I like to end my school days with a little bit of folk. What would be a better choice than Monsters of Folk? (a member of the group is Conor Oberst who happens to perform under the name Bright Eyes who I mentioned earlier in the list). "The Sandman, the Brakeman, and Me" is the song I choose. The song is about a train and the very true statement "whatever will be will be".

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