Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fast Time to Kill at Fullerton College

My Classes are spread throughout the day, but sometimes it will be only an hour or so, and it's not worth it to go home, then come right back. Now your stuck at school with a free hour. You can either wait around for your next class to start, or you can take advantage of the great resources the campus has to offer. 

I go to the library almost everyday before or after class wether I'm doing research, printing a paper or just working on an assignment. Like many other students, I don't own a printer. The Library offers a fast and efficient print system available to all students as long as they remember to bring quarters. The library offers places to set up your laptop, or other personal devices in  addition to, group study rooms and designated research areas. You can find out more about it here.

I have two classes that require one lab hour a week. The usual time I have between classes is about 30 to 45 minutes, so I can clock into the lab for a quick half hour, and then come back later to finish up my time. Before you go into lab you have to  make sure your class didn't let out early, or get cancelled. Otherwise the time you spend won't count. In the lab there is always an instructor on duty that can answer any questions you may have about your assignment, and provide you with the needed materials.

Classes are going on all throughout the week and they're being released at all different times of the day. For example, I have a  class that Starts at  1:20, and before that I have Men's Chorale. Lunch is in between these two classes. The cafeteria has many tasty and inexpensive options. They offer a wide variety of items with something for everyone. They have mexican food, a grill, pizza, a sandwich place, and a Jamba Juice all for a reasonable price.

As a Fullerton College student it is inevitable that you will go to the bookstore across the street from the campus. They have filtered water bottles, T-shirts, school supplies, and text books. They can also open up a print account for you so you don't have to use coins to print schoolwork all the time, and many other services. If you don't want to buy textbooks you can also rent them for lower prices. You can find out any additional information by clicking here.

You can kill time and be productive simultaneously, so why not? Being a student is a busy job, and there is always more work to do. You can even get a jumpstart on assignments or get some reading done. When these resources are available, you must take advantage of them.

Staying Informed is staying hip.

Liam Harder

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