Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Campus Confusion

Campus Confusion
As an incoming freshman to Fullerton College, the experience is new and exciting. I really like the  campus and the area surrounding it. I love all the old red rooftop buildings, and the grassy areas where you can relax on a blanket or read a book for a while.  It is easy to navigate across campus. I also noticed the campus is very clean and safe. The only real problem I have is when I tell people where I am going to college.

When I tell my friends and relatives where I am going to school, I say, Fullerton College. Naturally, they think Cal State Fullerton. Then they go on and on about what a great school it is and how they’re so glad I got in! This makes for an awkward situation. There are a few ways I can go about this situation. I can either correct them and make them feel like complete idiots or, for fear of insulting them, I can pretend someone is calling my name and walk away.

I don't think Fullerton College gets enough recognition for what they do or who they are. I  want people to understand that I’m going to Fullerton College for a reason. When people go to junior college some assume it’s because they didn't get into a four year university, but I decided on Fullerton College because of their renowned music program.

Out of all 109 junior colleges in the state that offer a degree in music, Fullerton College is ranked #1. Over 4,000 students every semester study one of the 80 music classes offered on campus. Fullerton College also offers a unique transfer program to get into Berklee School of Music in Boston. Other than that, they sponsor the biggest high school jazz festival in the Western United States, a high school choral festival, and a piano ensemble festival. I’ve tried different things to make myself more clear about where I’ll be studying in the fall, but they have all failed. I eventually just got used to it and let people believe that I’m brilliant because they think I got into Cal State Fullerton.

Stay informed to stay cool
Liam Harder

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