Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goodbye Summer,

          and hello autumn! I, for one, cannot be more excited. I mean, I'm gonna miss the sun, the surf, the sand, but to trade that in for big sweaters, hot cocoa, and finally some RAIN? Yes please. Yesterday marked the end of summer, with today as the first official day of fall. Man, whoever deemed today as the first day was right on the ball, with today's temperature at a breezy 64 degrees. 
          Before you know it,  Halloween decorations are going to be up, Starbucks is going to bring their pumpkin spice lattes back out, and then the holidays will be near. Oh you think that's crazy. "It's only September, what do you mean holidays? December is so far away!" Maybe so, but Halloween decorations are coming out on sale, and soon after, pumpkin-scented candles and based turkeys will be in store, and then Christmas, and then New Years. It is so much closer than you think. I KNOW, UNBELIEVABLE, RIGHT?
          Okay, I know, I'm over-excited. I've just been waiting for the holidays since APRIL, and I'm getting a little carried away here. Don't let me affect you! Because the closer we are to the holidays, the closer we are to our finals and the end of our classes. So we have to stay on top of our game here.

          Speaking of, I took my very first college exam this Tuesday and crap I felt so jittery. In high school, when you take your first test of the semester, it's different. It doesn't weigh down quite so hard because you know you have a safety net, of whatever other homework and classwork and quizzes you were assigned. So if you do badly on the test, you still have the other grades to put in to weigh it out. I DIDN'T HAVE THAT LAST TUESDAY. IT WAS MY FIRST EXAM EVER AND I HAD NO OTHER GRADE TO BALANCE IT. Goodness talk about nerves. All I could think was that if I got an F then my grade in the class would be an F and I almost couldn't concentrate. I was too busy freaking out and then trying to calm myself down thinking about how my wardrobe would shift with the temperature.
          Don't be like me! Don't get carried away with the season and the holidays and let it distract you! 
          With that said, happy first day of autumn (= Have a good one, FCers, & I'll be back!

Joy ☼

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