Monday, September 30, 2013

And the verdict is in on iOS7

          Android fans, feel free to skip ahead...unless of course, you're planning on trading in your Galaxy for the iPhone 5S? 
          It's been a little over a week now since the much anticipated release of iOS7--at least, it was much anticipated to me! I stayed up til midnight just to download it. Now that I've played around with it for awhile, I'd like to give you guys my input! I've also gotten some feedback from a bunch of other people. Before the release of iOS7, the only other person who was as excited as I was was my old high school yearbook teacher, who I still sort of kept in touch with. I visited her a week before the release, and she was practically dying with anticipation. 
          Being a yearbook teacher, she was very into design, and the smallest detail like spacing and font was incredibly important to her. She said the changing of the fonts and the more simplistic design was the best part of the change, and when I asked people what they liked most, almost all of them said the design. 
          Because honestly? IT IS SO PRETTY I JUST
          The colors, the layers, the font, even. I have to agree with my former teacher on that one. Somehow, the typeface and the way the lock screen is displayed now just makes carrying that phone around so much lighter!
          Also, as far as designs go, I was a little worried that the men would have problems with it. The colors are a teeny tiny bit girly, or can at least be considered that way, so bright and vibrant, with minimalist designs, and with this update the colors were much more important. I thought that maybe the manlier, macho guys would probably have a problem with that, toting around a sleek little black phone that when you unlocks suddenly has like pink and neon green lights, but so far, from all the guys I've asked, they love it too! The only problem one of my friends had with his iPhone was that he found Game Center to be annoying. "I just want to play my games IN PEACE why does the game center keep asking me to log in!" he complained to me. I haven't heard of anyone else having that problem though, and if you guys do, it sounds like a pretty minor one. 
          I have also had a couple friends who just refused to upgrade to iOS7. At first it didn't make much sense to me, but they were all iPhone 4 users. Which makes sense, because iOS7 was actually built for iPhone 5S, so if you're an iPhone 4 user and you refuse to upgrade, that's fine too. My friends who did upgrade with a 4 rather than 5 had no difficulty (so far) whatsoever though! They might change their minds eventually and give in and upgrade. You never know! 
         My technology-challenged mother, found the change so much more helpful. She downloaded iOS7 onto her iPad, and before, it'd be, "JOY? CAN YOU COME HELP ME WITH THIS?" every five seconds with the "how do you keep this page from continuously rotating on me" to "how do i go back to the other app without pressing the home button" to "how do i mute" and now, with the control center, she is in paradise. When I first showed her how the portrait orientation and the mute button and the pretty much every important thing you needed was there, she was like "OHHHHHH, HOW CONVENIENT!" and since then, i think she's called me to her room maybe twice? a day instead of, i don't know, ten. So thank you iOS7 for making that easier on me.
          I myself, love it. I love it. I love it so much when I first downloaded it I kept unlocking my phone and looking at it just to admire it. I'm such a sucker for smartly-designed products and even cute packaging oh man whatever product you're trying to sell me if the package is adorable I'm pretty much sold. Oh, you know what else I love? I love how the other apps upped their game as well. The first night iOS7 came out, bam 20 new app store updates. I loved it! It was a whole new change, not part iOS7 with the facebook interface still stuck in iOS6! Good on you guys for stepping it up. 

But what do you guys think so far about iOS7? Any complaints or awesome things I've overlooked? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

Joy ☼

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