Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Start!!!

I cannot believe that the semester has already started and is moving so quickly. We are already in week number two out of eighteen. Now that I have had all of my classes I cannot wait to tackle this semester head on. I have some great classes and wonderful professors. I am a repeat professor offender. There are very few professors that I choose to repeat and this semester I could not help myself and I have two of the best professors this time around.

I am taking Children's Literature and I cannot wait to read all the books that we have this time around. Also, I have human sexuality and so far it seems interesting. I just cannot wait to actually get started and have some homework and activities.

I think what I am most eager about is finishing this semester and transferring. I cannot wait to transfer to APU. It was not my first choice school but how can I turn away a free education? I will tell you one thing, I can't! I hope everyone is enjoying their fresh start.

Until my fingers meet the key, Amber

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