Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parking Wars

Week two of school and parking is CRAZY! I was reading the comments on FCs Facebook and the rants and raves are in full effect regarding parking. And rightfully so, parking is a nightmare. So I decided to do some investigating. I went onto Cal State Fullerton’s page, Biola, and Chapman to see what other students are saying. Cause let’s be honest FC can’t be the only campus with parking issues. Right?

On CSFU there were some complaints about the parking ticket machines being down, (ok that’s a good sign). The portal for students is also down, (much like mygateway, ok some more common ground here). I noticed tons of students posting to buy or sell books. And not a whole lot of helpful information from CSFU Facebook monitor like what we get from ours. I love all the constant updates we receive. Kudos to our FB monitor!

As for Biola and Chapman Facebook pages, Biola students were welcomed back and some questions were answered regarding standard information. Chapman was pretty quiet. But there were no complaints regarding parking on either of the pages. Weird, right?

The lack of complaints got me thinking…are we the only college with this problem? Or are we the only campus who vocalizes it? Before the structure was built parking was an even BIGGER headache. Oh man, I don’t want to relive those days. Who else remembers the nightmare days? Gives me shivers just thinking about it. So hats off to Full Coll for building the structure. Otherwise, things would be worse than they are right now. But there is work left to be done in my opinion. The structure did not, unfortunately, illuminate all the parking woes.

Side note! I love it when I’m walking to my car and someone offers to give me a ride so they can have my space. GENIUS! Ok so it’s kinda cheating but hey it helps someone out. So I guess there are ways around the madness.

Now back to the issue. I do realize money is tight and it may not be in the budget to consider revamping the parking. But at some point something needs to budge. And this time it will not be my car. Btw whoever hit my car and never left a note - shame on you! Karma is real, I’m just sayin’. Wait maybe that’s the reason my car was hit. Hmmm food for thought…

I love you FC, I really do. But seriously every semester it’s the same song and dance. And it’s getting a little old.

Although I know there is some hope. In a few weeks parking will open up and these issues will more than likely fade away. Until next semester that is…

Stay Classy FC,

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