Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's your purpose?

Recently I have been thinking about what my purpose in life is. Not only did I question my own purpose in life, but I also wanted to know what other people think about what their purpose in life and if they think that everyone has a purpose.

I asked people on my facebook to tell me what they think. My aunt Sherri told me, "I really think that I am here to take care of my family and friends. At least they're the most important things in my life and in my heart." I have to agree with what she thinks. The people in our lives define who we are. The people we surround ourselves with are those that give us the life experiences that lead us in the path to our Divine purpose. I think the question that I am most looking to understand is, how do we truly know what our purpose is?

I'm not sitting here thinking that I do not have a purpose in life and that I am here on earth walking aimlessly to soon come to the end of the road and leave without a trace of who I am or what I was. I just want to understand how we decide on what our purpose is and when the little white light flashes in front of our eyes and tells us what we have accomplished to define us for the greater good for ourselves or who knows, maybe for humanity.

I lay down wondering and looking at the empty celling above my head and question have I made an impact on someone's life, changed their decision for the better, made them question some ridiculous thought and replace it with a brilliant action towards something, or have I just challenged someone to do what I have done myself? Is someone one sitting there questioning just as I am?

I have not discovered my profound purpose but I have located bits and pieces of what puts me together and makes me who I am. Part of those pieces are my nieces and nephews, friends, family, and other people that so much as smile at me on the street passing by. I look forward to opening my life up to the search of finding my purpose in life. Hopefully, it will have to do with the career in which choose throughout this long journey...

Until my fingers meet the keys, Amber

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