Monday, January 31, 2011

Homeward Bound

Yesterday was a joyous day! My best friend Jessica called to tell me she is officially on the road back to good ole So Cal.

Last July she and her fiancĂ© packed up a huge zebra printed Uhaul and moved to Chattanooga, TN. This was to be a one way trip pending a return. I remember helping her pack listening to techno and wishing it was all a dream. All my closest friends growing up moved away never to return. And it was hard to imagine it was happening again. But with good reason she was moving to get away from it all. She quit her teaching job and followed her dreams towards a new life. I couldn’t have been happier for her. I knew this would be the journey she needed to be happy.

The months that followed were sad but great because I knew she was having a blast exploring new territory. I got pictures, letters, and cards in the mail from all the new places she had been. It was great to know she was thinking of me and still wanted to share all her moments. It was almost as if she never left.

But once winter hit, so did her arthritis. She’s a mere 28-years old and suffers from arthritis and migraines. The cold weather was not kind to her and by December I received the phone call that they were coming home to California. Of course you can imagine my excitement; my best friend was coming home! But I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket and promised myself I wouldn’t get too excited until she was on the road.

Well yesterday was that day for me. She was in Birmingham, AL and her compass now points west!

Today she posted on FB that she’s in New Orleans sightseeing in the French Quarter, and then they hit the road again.

I’m completely overwhelmed with happiness and excitement to see her! I know I will turn into a big sobering mess when I see them. So I plan not to wear makeup. I have no idea what day they will arrive but I don’t care, they are coming home!!

Stay Classy FC,

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