Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back into the Swing of Things

Yowza!!!!!!!! Spring Break is over, and I don't know about you guys, but Monday was really difficult! I got sick over the break, and still had to work, yet still my focus was off on Monday. I realized that I did not have as much ready for this week as I thought I did and things have kind of been out of sight out of mind.

Plus, the rain today and cloudy skies make you want to go home and curl up in bed.

Today I wanted to talk about Health though, it seems a popular subject all around. In a couple of my classes we are talking about it, I have been more focused on my health after starting my new year going to the emergency room, and with the health care being debated in Congress as well, oh and two of the speakers in my class did a speech about health. It is all around us and is something I try and be more focused on. What kind of health tips do you guys follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

For me pop has always been a weakness, it got worse being so busy, and I am against new years resloutions because I think for something to actually work you have to be motivated to do it yourself. I didn't even stop drinking pop after the second time of having to go to the emergency room because of kidney stones. I think it just became about challenging myself. I was thinking, could I go this amount of time with out pop? I noticed that yes at first I was tired and craved it a lot, but I don't even crave it anymore. Since February I have not had any pop, or for those of you who don't know what pop is, I guess you may call it soda out here.

It's funny because you don't think of food, and such, as being an addiction, but it really can be. There are people who struggle with overeating, people who only eat junk food, people who binge and purge, but none of this is healthy for us. Part of this realization is that I always stress to you guys how life is short, but you also only have one body. And healthcare costs a lot of money. My one visit to the ER cost over $8,000 and that did not include the follow-up, which never happened because I couldn't afford it. But I was thinking the better you know and take care of your body, the less you will have to worry about visiting the dreaded ER. I mean lets face it, unless you have parts of your body missing, blood squirting, or a kid popping out: you are in the waiting room to see the doctor for a whole day. So that could be motivation for some of you to get healthy, if you are not healthy already.

But health is not just about what you put in your body, its also about how you take care of it physically and mentally. If your mental state and stress is very high, then lets face it, your body will suffer.

I am not perfect and I am not an expert, but the facts in my class today shocked me. In America, the country that acts like better then many countries, we are nowhere near the top of the list with our life expectancy, or our infant mortality. We have an obesity problem, and a health problem. I am trying to get healthier, but I know that it can be hard for all of us.

But I challenege you all this week, what can you take out of your diet this week that is bad for you? Or if you are afraid of taking it completely out of your diet, what can you cut back on? You don't have to do this alone, but it does have to be you to take those steps to a better version of you!

We'll make this hump day a day that counts! I am  a little off schedule with my blog this week, but I will get back on track. I would love to hear about your week though, and if you accept my challenge!

Happy Wednesday!


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