Saturday, April 14, 2012


First off, I have to apologize for not keeping on schedule with my blog, but last week felt like a whirlwind!

So I hope you all had a Good Freaky Friday or Friday the 13th. I am going to tell you a story about my day yesterday, which is kind of funny. I hope it gives you some enjoyment this fine Saturday.

First off, my car needs new tires and I hate driving in the rain because what is normal for most tires now makes my tires really unreliable. But I did arrive to school safely and was actually very early to class. Now I had some stuff to take care of after class for two different clubs I am involved in. After the first one I walked across campus to help out with the second one. By this time it was POURING. I did not have an umbrella because I lost it the last time it rained, so I was wearing my hooded jacket. I get there only to find out that the event had been canceled.  But while I was there a guy had said he almost got hit by lightning on his way over, and I told him if he ever did get hit then he should play the lottery.

My car is parked near my class which is a long distance away from where I was at, and as I was walking thoughts are in my head like "oh the worst would be if a car drove by right now and splashed me". I can often times see the humor in a situation which can keep me smiling even though it's a miserable situation. I got to my car and couldn't find my keys and I was thinking how sad and pathetic I must have looked right at that moment! I got into my car and was drenched all the way through my clothes, and got all my books, and papers wet because my bag was also soaked all the way through. This is just funny to me, I was freezing and so I turned on my car started to drive away and tried turning my heater on and it was stuck on the air conditioning setting.

So on my way home I got on the freeway, which was very bad traffic, and my tires started to skid very badly, even at 30 mph, so trucks and slow cars were passing me, which normally I am a very fast driver! But I figured I didn't want to be one of those cars flipping around or overturned so I stuck to a safe speed for my tires. I got to an exit where I take streets to get home faster, because traffic on the 5 freeway was really bad, but at least I didn't risk skidding then!

This art of my story is kind of unreal to me. But in Norwalk and the areas I live in flooding is really bad. There was a big truck in front of me, and most cars get over to the middle because they don't want to spray water everywhere. Well this truck did not even slow down in the water. But then they ended up getting in the middle lane. Well I didn't think much of it at that point, but there were people waiting further up by a bus stop, and this truck got over and purposely tried to drench the people at the bus stop. One guy almost got hit, but his reaction time was fast and he jumped out of the water path. I did try and give the truck the benefit of the doubt, but he got back over after we passed those people, and then saw an opportunity and did it again! I could not believe it, but I had to laugh because no one got hit by the water thankfully. But it's funny that I was thinking that on my way to my car, and then this truck was trying to do that to people.

Moral of this story though is don't try and soak people who are on the street, because karma will get you! Have a great weekend and I hope I was able to provide you with an entertaining story for the weekend!


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