Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cheers to the Freakin Weekend

I think my job is lowering my immune system and it really stinks. I work at a scrub store and medical people come in all the time. My boss had bronchitis, and everyone at my work seems to be sick. So of course I am looking forward to this weekend and doing some stuff with my college clubs and I get sick.....AGAIN! So cheers to the freaking weekend!

Lately I have wondered what we would do without access to the internet. I know that I for one have become so dependent on it, from using it to do homework, to research, to talk to loved ones. And tonight my internet was acting up so I had to restart my computer and luckily it resolved the problem. And I was upset the whole time thinking "man I should have installed the phone application so I could have written my blog." But honestly right now the internet is the only communication I have with a special someone and I was worried that I would miss an opportunity to talk to him.

And of course from my blogs you guys know that I think, ALOT! hahaha, so THAT also got me thinking about how people in wars back when there was no internet had to wait for a letter from their loved one which could take weeks. I know I have been spoiled with my access of internet. But I want to ask you, when is the last time you have received a letter in the mail. I forget that just as much as I love to receive them, so do others. It gives us a break from the mundane. We are used to seeing bills, junk, and boring mail. Then a special holiday happens and boom you get a card and you get so excited. But how often do we receive personal mail outside of special occasions? A better question is, have you sent a letter or note to someone when it is not a special occasion? I am guilty of this, and it is sad because I used to be so great at sending cards and letters. The only one who gets something from me now is someone whom I know is in a war zone and I know who appreciates any taste of home. But he is not the only one who would love that. My grandma is always sending me little things here and there. Every letter or card I get from her is filled with clippings of magazines or newspapers or pictures that she cut out. I enjoy that, but I have never thought that she does that because perhaps she would enjoy the same thing. We all take for granted that everyone is on the internet, on Facebook, has email. I have to sometimes remember that not everyone does and my grandma is one of those people.

Sometimes when I am sick I have more time to sit and think and I have told myself that I need to write a letter this week. This letter should not be because of anything but just to say that I am thinking of someone. I encourage you all to do the same. It could make someone's day, and in return you may actually get a reply which could make your day!

I should have been in bed because I am trying to feel better before tomorrow, but I forgot that I was going to write a blog on Wednesday, then on Friday, and now it's Saturday night and it still needed to be done so here it is. So I am off to sleep, but really think about making someone's day in a non traditional way this week.

Through it all don't forget to smile everyone,


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