Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life is good

I’ve been so busy since the spring semester started. Well, let me clarify. I don’t do anything but study, almost all day in the library. So it’s not physically busy busy, like working or chilling. I go to school, study in the library and come back home :) yeah, that’s my life so far! What an exciting life this is! … There is nothing really going on in my life. Seriously! What’s wrong with me? I get frustrated whenever I think of how my life is going. But then I always remind myself of the reason why I am here and pray to keep myself boosted up to feel better. What do you do when you feel frustrated? For me, reading Korean news or articles, or watching funny TV shows that make me laugh.

Like I said, my school life has been very tough especially this semester for some reason. But I got a phone call a couple days ago from my friend saying she missed me. I became very homesick while talking to her. And I also heard that my cousin is pregnant! Which means that I am going to be an auntie next September! My cousin was always like my sister and now she’s pregnant? She’s going to be a MOM? Oh, I get Goosebumps! It’s because she is only four years older than me, and I feel like I have to get married soon or something. So what? I don’t even have a boyfriend! What’s wrong with me AGAIN? Haha, this is another topic and I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, my whole family got excited since the baby will be the first next generation kid! Wow, nature is amazingly unbelievable. I can imagine, I will have my own family someday as well! Marriage seems really far off for me. So is having a baby, of course!

Anyway, this news gave my boring life excitement. Plus, my host mom’s third granddaughter was born a few days ago, and it gave me joy too. I love babies! Can’t wait to meet both babies! Haha

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna

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