Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost there

I apologize that I haven’t written any blogs due to finals. As you have been busy with finals, I also have been awfully busy. I still have one more final left on Wednesday, and then will leave California on the next day to Indiana. How have you been doing with your finals? So far so good? It seemed like this semester was a lot harder than the previous semesters for a number of students including me. I guess some of you are already done and others still have one or two more to go till the end. But I have got to say that we need to remember that everything for this semester will be officially over in a couple of days. Aren’t you excited?

I took one final exam and just got back home today. Since the weather was too gorgeous, it made me feel that I wanted to do something fun, not just go back home. So I called some of my friends, and none of them answered. How rude. Now here I am in my room writing a blog alone! Very exciting! : ) I wished it was raining so some happy people who were out there having fun should have come back home. Haha just kidding. I should start packing sooner or later and send one box to Korea so I can wear clothes and use other stuff for this summer there, and then need to fill up one carry-on for my upcoming trip. This is the real exciting part!

For me, this semester was hard and stressful but very rewarding. It was definitely worth the money, time and efforts. I met many great instructors and fellow students and learned a lot from them, and will never forget this semester. I will have to study for my last final pretty soon so that I won’t regret what I just said. Also, Writing blogs here was a great experience for me.

I just want to say that I am truly blessed for all I have done and have gotten.

After all, tomorrow is another day, Brianna.

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