Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Late Late For a Very Important Date

Okay so I don't know about you guys, but do you ever feel like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? I know that sometimes I can't seem to enjoy the moment I am in because I have a list of things to do that grows 10 times bigger after I check one thing off. I don't want life to be like that. I don't want to feel overwhelmed where I can't just enjoy the moments of living life and being happy in that moment.

I am not sure how to make sure I live in every moment. I know I do not have all the answers, and as college students or students in general we are constantly thinking about our next assignment, or next test. SO how do we make sure that we also try and enjoy the moments each day? I would like to know your secrets for making sure you stay focused, yet live in the moments. There are times when I wake myself up thinking about what I did not get done the day before. Today even I was almost late to my first class, rushed to my next one, ran to get something to eat, went to my next class and was late to my AGS meeting. So I felt like the rabbit all day. But it was in the moments after the meeting where I was sitting with friends, where I did not want to rush. I still had a list of things to do a mile long, but finally for the day I was in a moment that I did not want to rush out of. So I am sitting here writing this blog and I am realizing that sometimes its the people we choose to place in our lives that help us live in the moments. I would like to surround myself with people who make me present in the moments, rather than with people who make me want to hurry and get out of there, or worry about the next thing I have to do. Its not easy but I think technology is part of the problem too. There are people I hang out with that I don't even feel the need to c heck my phone. I think that is a great feeling, when you can be in the moment with out having to feel the need to see who is texting, who is emailing, who is facebooking you. I am not perfect and realize I do this, but I love realizing after hanging out with someone, that I didn't need to check it and life still went on with out being at every one's beck and call.

I think to live in the moment, you have to BE in the moment. Maybe we could help each other, and call each other out. Help each other reconnect to one another because lets face it life is too short. I know this is easier said then done.  

Well I hope your week is going great and that we can all live in the here and now before life just passes us all by.



  1. " live in the moment, you have to BE in the moment." Serena I love that! it's so true...when we rush to get everything done we're not experiencing anything, we're just rushing through and the more we rush the less we feel.

    1. I know its hard sometimes to live by this, but i want to try. I want to be a person who lives life and truly lives it. Thanks for your insight! Do you have any helpful tips on how to BE in the moment?